SME accounting solution

Akunting Digital

Manage money efficiently

Record your transactions, produce financial reports and control your business finances using E-Accounting, our cloud based accounting solution.

Cloud-based Akunting Digital


manage purchase

Manage purchases

Record your supplies, supplier debit accounts, returned purchases, debit payments, down payments and more.

manage sales

Manage sales

Record your sales, customer credit payments, down payments, returned sales and more.

accounting inventory

Inventory control

Manage your multiple units, warehouses, real-time stock balance and sales prices.


  • Secure data access, anytime and anywhere.
  • No investment in hardware or IT and accounting skills required.
  • Convenient record-keeping and generation of various financial reports.

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  • FAQ

What is Akunting Digital?

It’s a cloud-based accounting solution that enables businesses, especially SMEs, to record all their financial transactions, generate financial reports, and control their business completely.

What is the price and quota value of Akunting Digital?

The price offered is Rp70.000/ month for the premium package and Rp120.000/ month for the ultimate package. The package includes 1 Akunting Digital account and 2GB Telkomsel Flash data. You can subscribe monthly.

Who can use Akunting Digital solutions?

Akunting Digital can be used by all SMEs that have offline and online businesses that require applications to assist accounting.

What features and benefits will customers receive?

1. Some features of Akunting Digital:

  • Purchase Module
  • Sales Module
  • Inventory Control

2. Some of the benefits of using Akunting Digital:

  • Facilitate managing your financial statements
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Cloud based, does not require server investment
  • Simple, accessible from anywhere
  • Lets you generate business and sales reports

How can I register for Akunting Digital?

• To get Akunting Digital, you can register through the website: and click Register to create an account. You will automatically get a trial period for 30 days (web and applications only).

• If you wish to continue commercial use, you can contact Telkomsel.