Expand Your Business with Marketing Digital

Optimize your sales by using three ad channels: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Broadcast SMS to all operators at affordable prices.


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Save Time

  • Build effective campaigns in minutes.
  • Optimize millions of keywords with one click.
  • Monitor stock items and errors on one page.

Save Money

  • Identify high profitable keywords.
  • Optimizing campaigns to get a net profit in a short time.
  • Generate a comprehensive report in few clicks.

Campaign Builder

You have option to build your own campaign content or automatically build by the system.

Demand Side Platform

You can buy various promotional media from 4 package choices.

Data Management Platform

Collecting, analyzing, and segmenting customer data to be processed into personalized content recommendations.

Measurement and Optimization

Track campaign performance and provide feedback for campaign optimization.

Adwords Package


SMS Package


Facebook Packages

  • FAQ

How can I buy a Marketing Digital package?

You can buy a Marketing Digital package on Telkomsel myBusiness Store.

When do I get a Marketing Digital package activation email?

You will get an activation email when you purchase the Marketing Digital package for the first time. On the second purchase and so on, you will not get an activation email because the package you purchased will go directly into your account.

What are the provisions of the campaign content via SMS?

After you create content for campaigns via SMS, the content will be moderated/checked before campaign delivered.

What if the content of SMS campaign rejected ?

You will get an email from the system and will be contacted further by Telkomsel team.