Enterprise Secure Messaging

Enterprise Secure Messaging, designed for business and professional organizations, offers enterprise-grade security for instant messaging, voice, video call, group communication, and file sharing among employees.



Two Layer Security to Secure Corporate Data

  • Messages between Enterprise Secure Messaging and users are encrypted and unlocked by symmetric keys.
  • TLS encryption between device and Enterprise Secure Messaging protects from manipulation.
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A Complete Messaging App on the Move

Integrated features, not only for desktop use but also for mobile devices:

  • Set an expiry time on any single message, so they know it’s deleted after it’s been read.
  • Retract sent messages if they’ve made a mistake.
  • Record voice notes and sends them, when there’s no time for a conversation.
  • Chat one-to-one, or with groups.
  • Confidently forward message content from one secure chat to another, so you can seamlessly move between chats to keep the work flowing.
  • Share files with an immediacy you can’t get over email.

A Single App for Internal and External Communications

Enterprise Secure Messaging is not limited to the internal organization only. Your employees can chat securely with other Enterprise Secure Messaging users at other organizations and can also be extended to non-users as well. All of this happens seamlessly, through a single contact list and single chat list, making messaging with Enterprise Secure Messaging fast, easy and hassle-free.

Your Data Could Be in Danger

As employees increasingly use Instant Messaging tools to communicate without proper control from the IT department, there is a risk of compromising your corporate data security.

Stay Secured with Enterprise Secure Messaging

To prevent data leakage, spying and attacks from the outside, Enterprise Secure Messaging is the right IM tool to communicate more effectively with two-layer security.


Reliable Enterprise-Grade Messaging App

Enterprise Secure Messaging is the ideal business communication tool because it is immediate and mobile, built for business user. This messaging app will help employee to do faster decision making and approvals, get quick feedback with file sharing, video/voice call for urgent conversation, immediate location sharing and leave voice note when short on time. Instantly, employees can boost their productivity and responsiveness, too.

Stay Connected from Any Device

Enterprise Secure Messaging runs on employees’ chosen devices – including iOS, Android, BlackBerry devices and also desktop. Employees could easily move and change from smartphone to desktop or vice versa, offering the real-time communication they expect so they don’t seek it elsewhere in unsecured, unauthorized Instant Messaging tools.

Easy to Deploy

With Enterprise Secure Messaging, there’s no new hardware to purchase, no new servers to install, and no integration or federation with other systems required. Through a single, cloud-based console (called BlackBerry Enterprise Identity) administrators can manage a wide range of services – including BBM Enterprise policies, entitlement and authentication – across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.


Security and Corporate Data Privacy

Messages between Enterprise Secure Messaging users are automatically encrypted – even if those users work in different organizations – and all without any complex, costly server federation required so business and IT leaders know they've got enhanced enterprise-grade security and control over corporate data, along with the ability to archive all Instant Messaging chats for auditing, discovery and litigation.

  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is Enterprise Secure Messaging?

Enterprise Secure Messaging is a bundle product of Telkomsel myBusiness in collaboration with BlackBerry. It is an instant messaging software with encryption technology bundled with Telkomsel internet package.

Does Telkomsel have Instant Messaging services other than Enteprise Secure Messaging?

If your company have unique Instant Messaging requirements or want additional features, this solution is customizable according to your company needs and taste.

Can Enterprise Secure Messaging be used on a mobile device or smartphone only?

No, Enterprise Secure Messaging can be used on smartphones, tablets, as well as on desktops.

What are the operating systems (OS) that can support Enterprise Secure Messaging?

Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows, and MacOS can support Enterprise Secure Messaging.

Do I have to integrate into certain systems when I want to subscribe to Enterprise Secure Messaging?

No, Enterprise Secure Messaging is cloud-based and there is no need for installation or integration.

Can I run Enterprise Secure Messaging in various devices?

Yes, you can run 1 account using up to 3 devices.

Can I cut, copy, and paste in Enterprise Secure Messaging from another application?

Enterprise Secure Messaging has IT policies related to copy and paste. If you want to activate the feature, you cannot copy or share information. Your company can switch off this feature if needed.

How can I purchase Enterprise Secure Messaging solution?

Corporate customers who want to subscribe can click register on top of this page, contact 188 (Call Center) or the assigned Telkomsel Account Manager for your company.

  1. The price excludes 10% tax.
  2. The minimum period of subscription contract is 1 year.
  3. If your company cancels the subscription before the end of contract period, penalty will be charged.
  4. You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.