Banking Transaction is Easier with mBanking Telkomsel App

Access all of your bank accounts anywhere at any time with mBanking Telkomsel app once you make sure your mobile phone number is registered with your bank SMS banking service!

mBanking Telkomsel Features

Bank Transaction

Check your balance info, account mutation, transfer, and many more.

Merchant Transaction

Merchant Transaction: pay bills and merchant transactions easily.

Program Promo

Get information about promo programs from Telkomsel, bank and merchant.

Nearest ATM

Find the nearest ATM location using GPS.

  • FAQ

What is mBanking Telkomsel app?

mBanking Telkomsel is an app service launched by Telkomsel to provide convenience and safety in accessing bank accounts using a smartphone.

What are the benefits of mBanking Telkomsel app?

mBanking lets you do the following:

  • Access more than one bank accounts using smartphone.
  • Make banking transaction without internet network.
  • Get information about promo program from Telkomsel and your bank.
  • Find the nearest ATM location.

How do I get mBanking Telkomsel app?

You can download it from Play Store (Android).

Can mBanking Telkomsel app be used on all phones?

mBanking Telkomsel is only available on smartphones and tablets with Android operating systems.

Which Android version do I need to access mBanking Telkomsel app?

Android phones need to run Lollipop version or higher.

Do I get charged for data when I donwload mBanking Telkomsel app?

Yes, if you have a data package, app usage will use up your data quota. If you don't have a data package, you will be charged with basic tariff rate for your mobile service.

Can I make banking transaction on mBanking Telkomsel app without internet network?

Yes, mBanking Telkomsel does not need intenet network. However, you have to make sure that you have enough credit balance to make any transaction on mBanking Telkomsel.

Do I get charged for accessing mBanking Telkomsel services?

Yes, here are the tariffs in Rupiah:

kartuHalo* 350 300 600 1200
simPATI/Loop 350 400 660 1320
KARTU As 350 350 660 1320

*) kartuHalo tariff excludes tax.

Who can make transactions on mBanking Telkomsel?

All Telkomsel customers who have registered SMS banking with the banks that have been partnering with Telkomsel.

What banks are supported on mBanking Telkomsel?

List of banks that have been active on mBanking Telkomsel app can be seen on the ‘bank transaction’ menu.

What services or transactions can be done on mBanking Telkomsel app?

The transaction that can be done on mBanking Telkomsel app will be different on each bank. Detail information can be seen on the bank's menu on mBanking Telkomsel app.

Can I directly make a transaction if my phone number is already registered with internet banking (ex: Internet Banking Mandiri)?

You still have to make sure that your phone number is already registered with SMS banking service from your bank accounts, and should be registered with your current Telkomsel number.

Can I use mBanking Telkomsel outside Indonesia?

mBanking Telkomsel app can be used in any country where you can access *141#.

What should I do when my transaction failed on mBanking Telkomsel app?

  • You have to make sure your current Telkomsel number is registered with SMS banking from your bank.
  • You have to make sure your balance is enough to make transactions.
  • Please make sure your application is the latest version.