Extra Fun on Instagram with Extragram Package!

Hey, Loopers! Activate Extragram package now to get 2GB Instagram additional quota starting from Rp10,000 and enjoy accessing Instagram for 7 days.

How to Buy

Loopers can buy the package via:

  • *567#.
  • MyTelkomsel app.
  • LOOPkita app.
  • Website loop.co.id.
Package Detail
Price Quota Quota Details Validity
Start from Rp10,000 2GB
  • 0,5GB All Network
  • 1,5GB Instagram access
7 days
Start from Rp20,000 5GB
  • 1GB All Network
  • 4GB Instagram access
7 days
Prioritas Penggunaan Kuota
  • Instagram quota will be consumed first when accessing Instagram app.
  • All Network quota (national) will be consumed when accessing Instagram app if you ran out of Instagram quota. Any other data consumption will use this quota.
  • If Loopers bought all three Instagram packages (Recharge, Extragram, and Insta Loop), here is the package quota consumption priority:
    1. Instagram Recharge Package.
    2. Extragram Package.
    3. Insta Loop Package.
  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is Extragram package?

Extragram Package is a data package consisting of Instagram quota and internet quota (all access) and can be purchased if the customer has a regular monthly Vaganza package.

Who can buy Extragram package?

All Loop users can buy Extragram package.

How do Loopers buy Extragram package?

Loopers can purchase Extragram package through *567#, MyTelkomsel App, LOOPkita, loop.co.id.

Can Extragram package be accumulated with other Telkomsel/Loop packages?

No, Extragram package cannot be accumulated with other Instagram quota or Telkomsel/Loop packages.

I have activated other data package, can I buy Extragram package?

Yes, you can still buy Extragram package. However, your Extragram quota will not be accumulated with the existing quota.

What does All Network quota mean?

All Network quota is the data quota which can be used to access data (internet) on all Telkomsel network (4G/3G/2G).

What does Instagram quota mean?

Instagram quota is the quota which can be consumed to access Instagram only.

How do I make sure if my activation has been successful?

You can start using Extragram package after receiving a ‘successful’ notification via SMS. You can check your remaining quota via one of these steps:

  1. Through ‘Cek Kuota Internet’ menu on *888#.
  2. Through ‘menu’ status on MyTelkomsel App.

Will my balance be deducted if all of my quota has been used?

Yes, your balance will be deducted if you still access internet when you are running out of quota.
  • Extragram package is valid for Loop users
  • Extragram package can only be purchased when customer has an active monthly regular Vaganza
  • The package price can be checked through *567# (zone-based applies).
  • The validity period of Extragram package is not accumulated with the monthly regular Vaganza package and has its own validity period of 7 days.
  • Extragram package consists of All Network quota and Instagram q
  • If your daily quota is running out, it will consume other package quota or you will be charged with internet basic tariff.
  • Instagram quota is not accumulated with other package.
  • Instagram quota will be consumed first if users access Instagram.
  • Instagram quota can be used for accessing all IG features, except IG TV and IG video call.
  • All Network quota is the main quota which can be used for any data consumption.