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Enjoy superfast Internet speed, network priority and the best data packages to suit your needs – all without the worry of ever running out of credit.

Kartu Halo
  • Network priority

  • Highest network speed

  • Best data package

  • Exclusive rewards

Explore our wide range of add-ons

With a variety of add-on packages for every digital lifestyle, find the one that suits you.

Ekstra Kuota (Turbo)
Ekstra Kuota (Turbo)
  • 1 BC

  • 70.000

Telepon Bulanan ke PSTN
Telepon Bulanan ke PSTN
  • 1 month

  • 30.000

Telepon Siang Hari
Telepon Siang Hari
  • 1 day

  • 5.000

Telepon Malam Hari
Telepon Malam Hari
  • 1 day

  • 5.000

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Double your quotas at a price of Rp20.000 per month

Halo Kick! Double Internet Quotas give additional benefits in the form of internet access quota, so all the quota of internet will be doubled only with additional cost Rp20.000

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halo kick

The Best Family Package for Communications

Get more benefits of free phone calls for family, one billing feature for everyone and get special offer of Halo Kick! Double Internet Quotas

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halo family

Experience the best of 4G with Halo Kick!

Make the most of your 4G experience with exclusive benefits and services including voice, SMS, data, rewards and premium entertainment from just Rp100K!

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halo kick

Enjoy two-in-one!

Easily cap your spending and seamlessly switch from postpaid to prepaid with our Halo Hybrid plans.

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halo hybrid

Easy to handle your kartuHalo bill payment

Handle your kartuHalo's bill payment based on your communication needs every month

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halo limit

For the best in flexibility

Enjoy all-network coverage and plans that suit your communication needs with our range of exclusive HaloFit packages.

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Special Offer kartuHalo


CIMB Niaga

Get double Internet quota




Get 500 Fiesta Poin



Enjoy 6 GB quota for 3 month




Register auto bill BRI for your kartuHalo bill payment


Switch to kartuHalo now!

Experience how easy it is to switch to kartuHalo and choose any number you want!

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Experience a world of privileges

Earn triple Poin, discover special deals from over 1000 merchants, enjoy priority service at GraPARI and Call Center, and get free access to 4 airport lounges across Indonesia exclusively for priority users.

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kartu halo
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  • Terms & conditions

Self-care information using MyTelkomsel Apps or your phone

Can I migrate my existing Telkomsel prepaid number if I upgrade my line to a kartuHalo plan?

Yes, you can choose to migrate your prepaid card number to your new kartuHalo plan, or get choose to get a new number.

Can I instantly enjoy quota once my kartuHalo SIM is active?

Yes, once your package is activated you are able to enjoy talk time, SMS and/or data that is specific to your kartuHalo package.

How can I check my total usage with the new HaloFit MyPlan package?

Your usage will be reflected in your bill which is received with each billing cycle. As a HaloFit MyPlan customer, you can check your current usage through the UMB codes *888# or you can access via MyTelkomsel Apps, you can also check your quota at *888#.

Can I sign-up my family members for a kartuHalo plan?

Yes, you can sign-up your family members and have all kartuHalo numbers on one bill.

Does the rate for kartuHalo include taxes?

No, rates for kartuHalo not including tax (VAT) 10%

  1. Dengan menpergunakan kartuHalo ini. Anda tunduk sepenuhnya pada syarat dan ketentuan layanan yang ditetapkan oleh TELKOMSEL dari waktu ke waktu untuk setiap layanan yang dipergunakan melalui kartuHalo ini
  2. TELKOMSEL berhak sewaktu-waktu mengubah syarat dan ketentuan layanan dengan pemberitahuan sebelumnya melalui media massa dan/atau situs resmi TELKOMSEL (
  3. TELKOMSEL berhak menghentikan layanan baik sebagian ataupun keseluruhan, termasuk melakukan pemblokiran kepada pengguna kartuHalo apabila kartuHalo ini diduga dipergunakan untuk kegiatan yang bertentangan dengan peraturan perundang-undangan, bertentangan dengan syarat dan ketentuan layanan yang ditetapkan oleh TELKOMSEL ataupun atas permintaan dari pihak yang berwenang.
  4. PIN & PUK : Gunakan PIN pribadi untuk melindungi privasi Anda. Aktifkan PIN dengan cara memasukkan PIN Standard (1234) kemudian ganti dengan PIN baru Anda. Caranya hubungi *04*[PIN Standard]*[PIN BARU]*[PIN BARU]#. Jika 3 kali salah memasukkan PIN, kartuHalo Anda akan terblokir. Untuk membuka blokir PIN, Anda harus memasukkan nomor PUK (PIN Unblocking Key) yang bisa didapatkan dengan menghubungi Layanan Konsumen Telkomsel


You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.