The Usage Limit Includes


Monthly Data

Monthly data purchase.

Paket Voice

Additional Data

Additional phone call, SMS, and Internet data packages after you reached your monthly data limit.

Paket Voice

Phone Call, SMS, and Data Outside Your Monthly Package

Phone call, SMS, and Internet data usage charged via tariff (not included in the package).


Check Your Usage Limit

Adjust your kartuHalo bills according to your social need every month. To check your usage limit, you can access *888# or use MyTelkomsel App.

Credit Limit Illustration

Credit Limit Illustration

How to Check the Usage Limit



  • Type *888# on your mobile phone
  • Click “Check Status”on menu
  • Click “Credit Limit (Domestic)”on menu


  • Download the MyTelkomsel app
  • Click “My Account”on menu
  • Click “Usage”on menu

Upgrade Your Usage Limit Through

Call 188


Call now

Visit the nearest GraPARI


Check the nearest GraPARI

Upgrade Your Usage Limit

You can upgrade your usage limit easily through MyTelkomsel App, customer service, or GraPARI.

Upgrade Now
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Don’t Want to Upgrade Your Limit? Pay the Current Bills

To stay with your current usage limit, you just need to pay your current bills to enjoy kartuHalo service.

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What is spending limit means?

Spending limit is the amount of total bill (in Rupiah currency) chosen by customer Spending limit is divided by 2 (two type).

  1. Domestic Spending Limit (usage within Indonesia)  
  2. International Spending Limit (usage outside Indonesia)

What is the function of spending limit?

Spending limit has the function of limiting any usage by grant / decline any purchase of kartuHALO service.

Sample case:

You subscribe Halo Kick package for Rp 100.000, You want a maximum bill of Rp 200.000 In between 1 month of usage period, you buy 3GB Ekstra Kuota package for Rp 125.000 In result, the package result is declined because it makes your current spending exceeds Rp 200.000

As per 1st of December 2017, service which is included in new domestic spending limit are stated in the following. Please note there is no changes on international spending limit. Below is the service that is limited due to your spending limit.


Domestic Service Current Spending Limit Spending Limit as per 1st Des’17
SMS to Telkomsel / Other Operator (no package, basic tariff applied) YES YES
Call to  Telkomsel / Other Operator (no package, basic tariff applied) YES YES
Internet data quota within Indonesia (no package, basic tariff applied) YES YES
Add On Package in the form of SMS / Voice Call / Data. Example: Ekstra Kuota, Telepon Operator Lain, dll. Except for add on package that is renewed every 30 days period e.g.  Paket Telepon All Opr 50 Min NO YES
Basic Package e.g. Halo Kick NO YES

Basic Package Prorate Tariff

Penalty NO NO


International Roaming Service Current Spending Limit Spending Limit as per 1st Des’17
Add On Package e.g. 3in1 Package NO YES
Outbound call (basic tariff applied) NO NO
SMS and Internet Data Quota (basic tariff applied) NO YES


Below is related package term regarding kartuHALO service.

  • Basic Package: The package that is recurring every 30 days of bill cycle period, usually in combination voice call, sms, and data quota. Example of basic package are Halo Kick, HaloFit My Plan, Flash.
  • Add On Package: Additional package in the form of voice call / sms / data quota. Usually used when basic package will be run out soon. Example of add on package is Ekstra Kuota.

How much should I set my spending limit?

Below is the suggested amount of domestic spending limit either to be set on your first time of kartuHALO subscription or to be upgraded when needed.

Basic Package Tariff Domestic Spending Limit Suggestion
if payment made by cash/ATM transfer (except credit card) if pyament made by autodebet credit card
50.000 Rp 300.000 Rp 500.000
60.000 Rp 300.000 Rp 500.000
100.000 Rp 300.000 Rp 500.000
120.000 Rp 300.000 Rp 500.000
150.000 Rp 300.000 Rp 500.000
170.000 Rp 400.000 Rp 600.000
300.000 Rp 600.000 Rp 600.000
320.000 Rp 700.000 Rp 700.000
550.000 Rp 1.000.000 Rp 2.500.000
570.000 Rp 1.000.000 Rp 2.500.000


Yes. If your purchased is declined, please upgrade your spending limit. Changing spenging limit can be done once a month. Below is the term and condition regrading upgrade spending limit.


Term and Condition to Upgrade Domestic Spending Limit

  • Your kartuHALO subscription shoud be at least 3 months and no outstanding bills.
  • You have to meet our regular customer policy, only if you subscribe HaloHybrid, HaloFit 80K, and HaloFit 125K. Further information, contact 188.


Term and Condition regarding Domestic Spending Limit Amount

If your subscription period < 12 months

  1. If payment made without credit card:
  • Minimum spending limit Rp 300.000
  • Maximum spending limit Rp 1.000.000
  1. If payment made using autodebet kartu kredit:
  • Minimum spending limit Rp 500.000
  • Maximum spending limit Rp 2.500.000

If your subscription period => 12 months

Below condition is applied for any payment method.

  • Minimum spending limit depends on your payment method, as stated above.
  • Maximum spending limit Rp 5.000.000

Could I change my spending limit?

Contact one of below options.

  1. Visit GraPari
  2. Contact call center 188.
  3. Send private message / chat through Telkomsel social media.
    1. Instagram              : Telkomsel
    2. Twitter                    : @telkomsel
    3. Facebook               :
  4. Access UMB *111*11# (start from 1 Desember 2017)

How to know my current usage to anticipate declined purchase?

  • If your current usage > 80% of your spending limit, you will receive an SMS notification
  • If your current usage > 100% of your spending limit, you will receive an SMS notification and  no purchase is allowed afterwards.
  • If any purchase caused current usage > spending limit, the purchase is declined

How spending limit works?

You can not make any purchase may be caused by one of below reasons.

  • You have not paid your kartuHALO monthly bill
  • Your current usage > spending limit
  • Customer’s request
  • Any Telkomsel system enhancement

If you can not make any purchase because your current usage exceeds spending limit, then spending limit upgrade is needed.

If I can not make any purchase, how is the solution?

Here is an example of calculating credit limit usage compare with the previous implementation :