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Move to postpaid to enjoy a world of great privileges. Simply submit your details online, keep your old SIM and best of all continue to keep your existing number!

Manage Your Bill with Ease

We’ve made it simple to control your usage with the option to set your credit limit by dialing 188. It’s also quick and easy to monitor usage via *888# or through the MyTelkomsel App.


Simple Payment Touch Point

It’s never been more convenient to pay your bill with payment options via auto debit, mobile banking, GraPARI, MyTelkomsel, LinkAja, ATM, Alfamart, Indomaret, and more!

More Privileges All Around

Switching to kartuHalo means triple POIN rewards, voice call and data connection guarantee, fixed rates on data packages in all zones, and priority service at GraPARI and Call Center.

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  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is migration from prepaid to postpaid service?

It is a service where you can migrate from your prepaid service (simPATI, Loop, KARTU As) to postpaid (kartuHalo) by using the same number and SIM card. With postpaid service, you don’t have to top up/recharge your credit balance, but pay the monthly bill instead.

Will my prepaid credit balance, data quota, and Telkomsel POIN be exterminated if I migrate to postpaid?

Your remaining credit balance will deduct your first kartuHalo bill. Data, voice, and SMS quota will be exterminated. Your Telkomsel POIN will be accumulated.

How do I check my postpaid usage?

You can check your usage via *888# or MyTelkomsel App.

  1. All kartuHalo packages’ prices exclude 10% VAT.
  2. Promo internet and entertainment quota is valid during the promo period. If there is any change, customers will be informed.
  3. If you have used kartuHalo service before, please make sure you do not have any bills overdue. Your migration registration cannot proceed if you have overdue bills from your previous kartuHalo service.
  4. After completing your registration, your data will be validated and activated in 3x24 hours by Infomedia.
  5. By registering for migration to kartuHalo, you have fully understood the kartuHalo package you have chosen and must abide by the Terms & Conditions of the related services.
  6. Telkomsel has the right to cancel your migration process if we find out that you owned other kartuHalo numbers with payment history that does not follow Telkomsel’s policies.
  7. Due to the migration, your remaining credit balance will deduct your first kartuHalo bill as an upfront payment. Data, voice, and SMS quota will be exterminated. We recommend that you use all of your prepaid quotas in 2x24 hours before Telkomsel contact you to activate your postpaid service.
  8. Your Telkomsel POIN from your prepaid service will not be exterminated and will be transferred to your kartuHalo service.
  9. After you migrated to kartuHalo, your number cannot be reverted back to simPATI, KARTU As, or Loop. Your remaining quota and all prepaid packages will no longer active and cannot be used.
  10. There will be limits for your kartuHalo usage as follow:
    kartuHalo Package Limit Maximum Bill/Month
    Halo•Kick! 100K Rp150,000 Rp165,000
    Halo•Kick! 150K Rp200,000 Rp220,000
    Halo•Kick! 300K Rp400,000 Rp440,000
    Halo•Kick! 550K Rp600,000 Rp660,000
  11. International Roaming feature is not yet active. Please visit the nearest GraPARI to set your International Roaming limit.
  12. kartuHalo package is valid according to the billing period. The remaining data, voice, and SMS quotas will not be accumulated to the next period. If your quota has been all used up, you will be charged with the basic tariff.
  13. If the data you submitted to us is proven to be fake, Telkomsel has the right to take an action according to Telkomsel’s policies.
  14. Telkomsel can change Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice as long as it is not detrimental for customers.
  15. All of the Terms & Conditions are subject to change without any prior notice.