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iphone plan postpaid
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What is iPhone Plan?

iPhone Plan is a special internet package for iPhone user with big quota internet & affordable price.

Who can purchase iPhone Plan?

All kartuHalo user who use iPhone device.

What does video quota on iPhone Plan mean?

Video quota on iPhone Plan is quota that can only be consumed for VIU, HOOQ, and other MAXstream services .

What does auto renewal iPhone Plan mean?

Auto renewal in iPhone Plan means the package is automatically renewed monthly (per 30 days).

How can I activate iPhone Plan?

The iPhone Plan can be activated by following these steps:

iphone postpaid


What if my activation fails?

You can walk in to nearest GraPARI or call 188 and submit your complaint regarding it.

How to check iPhone Plan quota balance?

You can check on MyTelkomsel App.

Is there any specific time to use internet quota of this iPhone Plan?

No, internet quota of iPhone Plan is valid for 24 hours.

If I change my iPhone smartphone with other brand, can I still use iPhone Plan?

No, this iPhone Plan can only be used for iPhone device.

  1. Valid for iPhone users.
  2. Price is excluded tax 10%.
  3. Autorenewal subscription.
  4. Subscription only available via direct UMB *363*777# (IMEI/TAC based).
  5. Quota Video: VIU, HOOQ, and other MAXstream services.