KARTU As #InternetVaganza

Enjoy anything online with Internet Vaganza!

Now, you can enjoy the Internet using KARTU As for 24 hours in every network with Internet Vaganza. Activate 8GB data package with only Rp85.000/30 days. You can use for anything at anytime!

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  • FAQ

What is Internet Vaganza (Telkomsel new monthly Internet package)?

Internet Vaganza is an Internet data plan accessible in all 24-hours Internet networks with bigger quota than previous monthly Internet package.

Where to buy Internet Vaganza?

You can buy Internet Vaganza Package through ‘Internet Vaganza Bulanan’ on MyTelkomsel app.

What makes Internet Vaganza better than the previous monthly Internet packages?

Internet Vaganza Package offers more internet quota to you.

What is the price of each offer, and does it have the same standard price all around Indonesia?

No, the price is different, depends on where you activate the package. Download MyTelkomsel app for more details.

Will it be accumulated?

No, Internet Vaganza package will not be accumulated with other Internet packages.

Can Internet Vaganza package be purchased by all prepaid users (SimPATI, KARTU As and Loop)?

Yes, Internet Vaganza is eligible for all prepaid users; new and existing.

How do I make sure that the Internet Vaganza package activation is successful?

You can start using Internet Vaganza package after receiving purchase confirmation through SMS. As for the remaining quota, it can be checked through:

  • ‘Cek Kuota Internet’ menu in *888#
  • ‘Status’ menu in MyTelkomsel app.