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Complete Package with Double Quota from The Best Postpaid Services

HaloKick! Double Quotas Internet is a new package part of the HaloKick! package. HaloKick! Double Quotas Internet offers benefits in the form of Internet quota with twice the number of applicable in all networks.

Double Your Data Quota at Rp20k per Month

HaloKick! Double Internet Quotas provide more benefit in the form of internet access quota, so the quota of internet all access doubled only with the additional cost of Rp20,000.


Double Benefit with HaloKick Double Quota

halokick 120 EN


170 EN

Double internet quotas are only valid for 12 months after package activation.

320 EN


570 en


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How do I subscribe to Halo●Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet?

Halo●Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet packages are available for existing and new customers of kartuHalo, as well as new customers who migrate from Telkomsel prepaid to postpaid. You can subscribe for the package via:

  1. UMB *363#.
  2. Download and access MyTelkomsel App.
  3. Website for migration from prepaid to Halo●Kick! Dobel Kuota internet: https://mobi.telkomsel.com/halopromo.
  4. The nearest Telkomsel GraPARI.

Can existing kartuHalo customers subscribe to Halo●Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet?

Yes, existing kartuHalo customers can subscribe to Halo●Kick Dobel Kuota Internet.

Does the tariff stated include taxes?

No, tariff for kartuHalo does not include taxes (10% VAT).

For how long will I be eligible for additional double quota?

Halo●Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet packages are only valid for 12 months. After 12 months of usage, the package will be changed back to Halo●Kick! Regular as explained on the table below:

1st Month - 12th Month

After 12th Month

Halo∙Kick! Double Quota 120K  Halo∙Kick! Double Quota 100K
Halo∙Kick! Double Quota 170K Halo∙Kick! Double Quota 150K
Halo∙Kick! Double Quota 320K Halo∙Kick! Double Quota 300K
Halo∙Kick! Double Quota 570K Halo∙Kick! Double Quota 550K
Halo∙Kick! Double Quota 1220K Halo∙Kick! Double Quota 1200K

What will happen if I change my package within Halo●Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet packages?

You will receive the quota based on the latest active package and the valid period to receive the double quota will continue from the remaining months since your first package activation.

  1. Halo•Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet is ONLY valid for:
    • New customers of kartuHalo.
    • Existing customers of kartuHalo.
    • Customers who applied for prepaid to postpaid migration. Only prepaid numbers that has been active for at least 6 months can be migrated to postpaid.
  2. Halo•Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet activation for kartuHalo existing customers will be adjusted to each customer’s special offer.
  3. If customers change their package within Halo•Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet packages, they will receive the quota based on the latest active package and the valid period to receive the double quota will continue from the remaining months since the first package activation.
  4. Halo•Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet is only valid for 12 months. After 12 months, the package will be changed to Halo•Kick! Regular.
  5. The price does not include 10% VAT.
  6. Internet promo & Entertainment quota are valid based on the validity period of the promo. If there is any change, it will be informed later.
  7. Entertainment quota is only valid for accessing: 
    • Video: MAXstream, beIN SPORTS, HBO GO, HOOQ, iflix, KlikFilm, Nickelodeon Play, VIU, OONA, UseeTV, and Vidio.
    • Music: Smule, Spotify, JOOX, Langit Musik, Dezeer, Gen FM, Prambors, and Svara.
    • Games: PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, AOV, Shellfire, LINE Let's Get Rich, and HAGO.
  8. Premium membership for Langit Musik contents can be used one day after the postpaid registration has successfully done.
  9. Membership promo for free access to HOOQ is valid for 6 months since HOOQ registration. Customers can activate HOOQ via UMB *363*2*2#. HOOQ membership promo is only valid for customers who have never registered before. To continue HOOQ membership, customers will be charged Rp45,000/month, with an additional tax.
  10. Customers who did not get HOQQ free access membership promo can still use Entertainment quota to access HOOQ using a paid membership.
  11. Halo•Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet does not provide any free-access membership promo to VIU, but customers can still use Entertainment quota to access VIU using a paid membership.
  12. Langit Musik premium content will be active as long as customers are subscribed to special offer package.
  13. Here are the details of 6-months usage promo:
    • Telkomsel POIN promo will be given once every month for total 6 months.
    • E.g.: For a Rp100,000 worth package, customers will get total 300 Telkomsel POIN (50 POIN each month for 6 months.
    • Telkomsel POIN will be given to customers who just subscribed to kartuHalo, migrate from prepaid to kartuHalo, and kartuHalo existing customers who upgraded the package to Halo•Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet. Telkomsel POIN is not valid for kartuHalo customers who downgraded to Halo•Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet with smaller value.
    • TCASH promo will not be given to Halo•Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet package, unless for customers who subscribe through banks. The value of TCASH promo for bank customers is based on the value of Halo•Kick! Regular package that can be checked on telkomsel.com.
  14. After the quota ran out, the normal tariff of kartuHalo applies.
  15. By proposing for kartuHalo subscription, the customer has completely understood the options of kartuHalo package and comply with requirements and regulation of these services. The incongruity of information provided might lead to the unsuccessful subscription request.
  16. Customers must ensure the information provided on kartuHalo subscription registration form is true and accountable.
  17. When customer migrate from prepaid to postpaid, the remaining credit and Telkomsel POIN on prepaid account will be moved to kartuHalo account as the deposit for kartuHalo monthly payment, while the remaining package value will be expired.
  18. Information regarding usage limits or Domestic & Roaming Credit Limit Service (CLS)  and BC (Billing Cycle) and others information about kartuHalo can be accessed here.
  19. International Roaming feature will be activated.
  20. For further information, you can reach Telkomsel through: