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How can I subscribe to Halo Kick?

The Halo Kick! postpaid package is available to new kartuHalo subscribers and through migration from prepaid plans. You can subscribe to this package through:

1)    Your nearest Telkomsel GraPARI: [include link to Find GraPARI page]

2)    The UMB for package upgrade *111#

Can I only use the data to access entertainment content on VIU and MusicMAX?

The Entertainment data can only can be used to access VIU and Music Max.

Is there an age limit to subscribing for Halo Kick?

No, there is no age limit to subscriber to Halo Kick!

Can I migrate my existing prepaid plans to Halo Kick?

Yes, you can easily migrate your existing prepaid plans to Halo Kick using the same number without going to a GraPARI store.

Does the rate for kartuHalo include taxes?

No, rates for kartuHalo not including tax (VAT) 10%

You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.