POINtastic Deal Kartini

Join POINtastic Deal special Kartini Day. Prepare yourself to be the fastest to win any POINtastic Deals!

Enjoy the Prize

Get a variety of gift like data plan, telco plan, BLANJA.com e-vouchers, Mataharimall e-vouchers, Hijabenka e-vouchers, Berrybenka e-vouchers, Shopdeca e-vouchers, smartphones by redeemp your Telkomsel POIN with a much lower amount of POINTS. Remember, quotas and offer times are limited! .By entering the code below, you agree to the terms and conditions apply.

  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

How do I get MyTelkomsel apps?

The MyTelkomsel app is available for both Android and iOS phones.

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What is POINtastic Deal Kartini Program?

POINtastic Deal Kartini is Telkomsel POIN redeem program through MyTelkomsel special to celebrate Kartini Day. There are various prizes, such as smartphones, shopping e-vouchers, data & voice packages, just by redeem your Telkomsel POIN with a much lower amount of POIN.

When is the period of POINtastic Deal Kartini Program?

POINtastic Deal Kartini valid on 18th-21st April, 2018 start from 11:00 WIB - 12:00 WIB.

How do I see the detail deals that Telkomsel offers?

You can see POINtastic Deal Kartini details in MyTelkomsel apps during promotion period.

What happen if I win a deal?
  • If you select voice or data packages, you will get notification when the package is active.
  • If you select e-voucher, you will get a voucher code via SMS, and can be used directly. Voucher code validity period specified in SMS notification.
  • If you get physical items, you will get SMS notification and Telkomsel team will validate the customer by phone and sent the prize directly.
How do I pay for the deals on POINtastic Deal Kartini?

The deals on the POINtastic Deal Kartini are only available to Telkomsel users that have enough Telkomsel POIN to redeem each offer.

How do I check if I won the deals?

You will be notified immediately if you have won a POINtastic Deal Kartini.

  1. Each customer can get 1 discount offer during the program period.
  2. Customers must redeem 1 POINtastic Deal Kartini for registration (valid during the program till December 2018).
  3. POIN can be redeemed only via MyTelkomsel app.
  4. Voice packages can be used to all Telkomsel customers and data package can be used across the network until 23:59 PM on the same day.
  5. The redemption is valid on 18th-21st April, 2018 at 11:00 WIB and ends 1 hour from the time the redemption begins or when the offer has expired with the quota amount of each discount points.
  6. The fastest bidder will get discount points.
  7. Each session can only select 1 discount points.
  8. Telkomsel has the right to unilaterally disqualify the winner if it is not in accordance with the applicable terms & conditions and or there is any indication of fraudulent harm to Telkomsel.
  9. Telkomsel may at any time change the program, terms, execution time, and type of discount points, without notice.
  10. The color and specification of discount points in accordance with the availability of goods or can be replaced with similar products.
  11. How to use voucher code following the general terms of the merchant concerned.
  12. POIN are non-refundable.
  13. This program is for all Telkomsel customers (KartuHalo, simPATI, KARTU As, and LOOP).
  14. Registration closes 10 minutes before the redemption begins (10:50 WIB) and reopens 20 minutes after the redemption is over (12:20 WIB).
  15. A valid winner is the one who receives a notification SMS from 777 as the winner and Telkomsel will be contact the winner for validation maximum 7 working days after customers get SMS notification from 777.

E-Commerce Voucher

  1. Hijabenka
  2. MatahariMall
    • Discount Rp50.000 minimum transaction Rp100,000.
    • Applies to all categories, except credit balance, voucher, gold, and baby milk.
    • 1 voucher valid only for 1 customer.
    • Additional cashback up to 50% from shopback.co.id (maximum Rp50,000.
  3. Blibli
    • Discount Rp10,000 for Telkomsel top up balance minimum Rp50,000.
    • Valid for Telkomsel customers.
    • Voucher valid for 1 transaction.
    • Additional cashback up to 15% from shopback.co.id (maximum Rp10,000).
  4. Honestbee
    • Discount Rp50,000 minimum transaction Rp250,000.
    • Voucher valid for 1 transaction.
    • Additional cashback up to 30% from shopback.co.id (maksimum Rp50,000).
  5. BLANJA.com
    • Discount 10%, maximum discount Rp75,000 (without a minimum transaction).
    • Valid for all product except digital product, gadget, and electronic.
    • Voucher cannot be joined with other promotion.
    • 1 user/number only get 1 voucher code every day.

Additional cashback up to 30% from shopback.co.id (maksimum Rp50,000).