Now it’s easier to manage large employee data and HR administration with a simple but powerful cloud-based mobile app solution.

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What is HumanCloudz?

HumanCloudz Management is a cloud-based solution to help corporate manage employee data, monitor employee attendance, manage to leave absence and payroll, including social media apps for internal employee communication.

What benefits do I get from HumanCloudz?
  • Cloud-based solution that enables quicker deployment.
  • Customizable solutions according to your current Human Resources business process.
  • Flexible payment method; available for both monthly and one-time payment.
  • No minimum license.
What type of corporate is suitable to use HumanCloudz solutions?

This solution is suitable with all types of industry, especially those that need employee management for outsource employees.

What device supports HumanCloudz solution?

HumanCloudz can be used on Android dan iOS.

Can HumanCloudz features and app be customized?

The features and app customization will adjust to your business process, needs, and your company’s database integration or backend system.

Should my company prepare our own server?

No, because this solution is cloud-based.

Should my company provide capital expenditure at once for this service?

No, your company can pay the solution monthly.

Is HumanCloudz available as a bundling service with other Telkomsel service?

Yes, this solution is a bundling solution. You can choose alternative bundling packages according to your needs.

How do I subscribe to HumanCloudz?

If you are Telkomsel’s existing customer, you can contact Telkomsel Account Manager. If you are a new corporate customer, please contact Call Center at 188.

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