Be a part of Indonesia’s mission in enhancing businesses through digital transformation

A mission to evolve businesses in Indonesia through a successful digital transformation

Be part of the mission by performing a transformation, it is time to #RisingThroughDigital

What is the D'Frontrunner Program?

D'Frontrunner is Telkomsel's program targeting the corporate segment to see and help with Digital Transformation initiatives carried out by corporations in Indonesia.

What is the variety of the D'Frontrunner program?

The D'Frontrunner program consists of a series of programs, including the D’Frontrunner Award, D’ Frontrunner Talks, D’Frontrunner DX Assessment and Whitepaper.

What is the D'Frontrunner Award Program?

The D'Frontrunner Award is a Telkomsel Enterprise program in collaboration with Frost & Sullivan which was held to give appreciation through awards for several Telkomsel Enterprise accounts, which have the highest digital readiness & maturity levels and have also implemented innovative digitalization initiatives in their companies. In 2021, the D'Frontrunner Award program will be held for 5 vertical industries, included:

  1. Banking
  2. Natural Resources
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Agriculture
  5. Retail
How is the D'Frontrunner Award Mechanism?

Participants must go through 3 stages until the winner is finally determined, namely self-assessment to measure the company's digital maturity, interview sessions with independent institutions, to determine the winner.

Why was there a D'Frontrunner Award event?

Telkomsel really understands the importance of digital transformation for companies. Internally, various digital transformation initiatives have been implemented by Telkomsel to continue to innovate and provide added value to customers. Seeing this situation, Telkomsel wants to actively contribute in building enthusiasm to accelerate digital transformation in companies in Indonesia. Through this award, Telkomsel wants to appreciate the company for the digital initiatives they have undertaken. The hope is that this award can further encourage companies in Indonesia to innovate and transform towards digital.

Are there any other programs related to the D'Frontrunner Award?

Yes, Telkomsel also makes D’Frontrunner DX Assessment and publishes a whitepaper entitled Thriving in an Uncertain World through Digital Transformation. All corporations can access the website and take the D'Frontrunner quiz to measure the digital maturity level of their company and its comparison with the average digital maturity level of companies in Indonesia.

After the corporation takes the quiz, the corporation can download the Thriving in an Uncertain World through Digital Transformation whitepaper on the Telkomsel Enterprise website. In this whitepaper, corporations can find out about various company digital initiatives in general and specifically based on the digital use cases submitted by the finalists of the D'Frontrunner Award program.

Why did Telkomsel appoint an independent institution to carry out this D'Frontrunner Award program?

Telkomsel is working with Frost & Sullivan in creating an assessment framework, in this case Telkomsel wants to maintain objectivity in the assessment process, so that the award given is an objective result of information obtained by independent institutions during the assessment process.

Since when did the stages in the D'Frontrunner Award program begin?

This program stage starts from August - December 2020.

Will this become a routine program?

Yes, Telkomsel will hold this award program every year.

When will the Award awarding take place?

Awards for 2021 will be awarded on February 16, 2021. Watch the event via the Telkomsel Enterprise Youtube channel link below

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