Enjoy Digital Learning with ilmupedia Package!

Activate ilmupedia package and get access to Quipper, Zenius, Udemy, Sekolah.mu, Rumah Belajar, Cakap, Bahaso apps and also hundreds of campus e-learning websites. You can also enjoy Quipper, English Club Cakap or General English Bahaso discount voucher after activating the package.

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Keep Studying at Home with Ruangguru!

Activate Ruangguru package and get the access to all features of ruangbelajar menu on Ruangguru app and website, including videos and all articles inside. #DiRumahTerusBelajar

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Special Package Suitable for Your Online Meeting #DiRumahTerusProduktif

Activate Ketengan Conference Package and enjoy up to 20GB quota to access online meeting apps such as Microsoft Teams, WebEx, UMeetMe, and CloudX. #DiRumahTetapProduktif

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