It’s Reward Time with Daily Check-In!

Don’t forget to check-in every day on MyTelkomsel App and collect the STAMPS to receive up to 7.5GB data quota and Tokopedia cashback voucher worth up to Rp35,000.

Promo Period

  • The 22nd period of Daily Check-In program is valid from March 19th to April 22nd, 2021.

Check This Before Check-In!

  1. Open and login to MyTelkomsel App using your mobile phone number or social media account.
  2. Go to “Daily Check-In” menu and check-in every day by clicking the Check-In button.
  3. Check-in 5 times consecutively to get a direct (consecutive) reward. Or check-in every day to collect 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30 STAMPS during the Daily Check-In program period to get the main (cumulative) reward.
There are 2 types of reward:
  1. Direct (Consecutive) Reward
    • Check-in 5 times consecutively and get 10 Telkomsel POIN.


  1. Main (Cumulative) Reward
    To get the main (cumulative) reward, you have to collect all the required STAMPS with the following details:
    • Claim 6 STAMPS: 500MB 4G Quota, valid for 2 days*.
    • Claim 12 STAMPS: 1GB quota, valid for 2 days*.
    • Claim 18 STAMPS: Tokopedia 10% cashback voucher (Food & Voucher category), with a maximum cashback of Rp35,000.
    • Claim 24 STAMPS: 2GB (1GB 4G Quota + 1GB All-Network Quota), valid for 2 days*.
    • Claim 30 STAMPS: 4GB (2GB 4G Quota + 2GB All-Network Quota), valid for 2 days*.
      *You will be charged Rp10 and 1 Telkomsel POIN.
  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is Daily Check-In program?

Daily Check-In is a program of MyTelkomsel to get rewards by checking-in every day. You can get direct reward and main reward by checking-in everyday and collecting STAMPS.

When does Daily Check-In program start?

The 22nd period of Daily Check-In program starts from March 19th to April 22nd, 2021.

Who can join Daily Check-In program?

All kartuHalo, simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop customers can join this program.

Is there any additional fee to claim the rewards?

If you claim the data quota reward, you will be charged Rp10 and 1 Telkomsel POIN. For the rest of the rewards, you can get them without any additional fee by following the existing terms and conditions.

Can the direct (consecutive) rewards be accumulated?

No. You can get the direct rewards once, after 5 consecutive check-ins.

Can I collect all STAMPS first, and then claim the main rewards later when I reach 30 STAMPS?

Yes, you can. You can store up all 30 STAMPS and then click the “Claim/Redeem” button after you collect the 30th STAMP. Please make sure you have collected all 30 STAMPS on the right day.
If you have claimed the main reward before, you cannot get the same reward. You can only get 1 type of reward once.

  1. The Daily Check-In program occurs periodically with different types of rewards.
  2. Your STAMP will be reset at the end of each program period. STAMPS you collected during the previous period cannot be used in the new period.
  3. You can only access the Daily Check-In program on MyTelkomsel App, which can be downloaded via App Store or Play Store.
  4. In order to get the STAMPS, click the “Check-In” button available once per day.
  5. You can only click the “Check-In button” once a day.
  6. After collecting the required number of STAMPS, you can get a direct (consecutive) reward or claim the main (cumulative) reward.
  7. One type of reward can only be claimed once.
  8. If you want to claim internet/voice/SMS quota rewards, you should have a minimum credit balance of Rp100 since claiming that type of reward will charge you Rp10.
  9. If you want to claim internet/voice/SMS quota rewards, you will need to redeem 1 Telkomsel POIN as well.
  10. Please ensure your Telkomsel number is active and not in a grace period.
  11. STAMP collection starts at 00:00 (Jakarta time) every day.
  12. This program can be changed or stopped anytime without prior notice.