Pay with Points – Citi

Redeem Citi Rewards Points on MyTelkomsel App to get up to 50% discount max. Rp150,000.


Terms and Conditions

  1. This program is valid until February 14, 2023.
  2. Pay with Points is a Citi Rewards Points redemption program that offers a discount of up to 50% max. Rp150,000 for transactions on the MyTelkomsel App.
  3. Valid for Citi Credit Cards that have enough Points to be exchanged and are in active and unblocked status.
  4. Valid for a minimum transaction of Rp40,000.
  5. Pay with Points transactions must be made on the MyTelkomsel App payment page and cannot be made through CitiPhone Banking.
  6. Cardholders must register for Pay with Points on the MyTelkomsel App using the same mobile number as registered in the Citibank system.
  7. Valid for Citi Platinum, Prestige, Rewards, and Telkomsel Credit Cards issued in Indonesia except for Corporate Credit Cards.
  8. If the Points redemption is successful, the redemption results will immediately deduct the transaction value.