Manage your business easily

An integrated solution with a broad set of features, flexibility and accessibility to accelerate your business growth by managing motorcycle assets to be more productive, safe and efficient.


find my bike

Find My Bike

Using Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, T-Bike helps you locate your motorcycles.


GEO Fence

Determine a safe zone for your bikers by setting limitations around driving areas.

tracking icon


Keep track of the full address and coordinates of your bike location in real-time.

speed limit

Speed Limit

Discourage your bikers from speeding and keep them safe by setting a maximum driving speed.

engine on off

Engine On/Off

Remotely turn your bike engine off if you suspect theft or tampering to provide extra security to your bike.

trip history

Trip history

Access to your bike’s complete travel history with trip durations, speed, mileage and fuel consumption aids decision making.



Receive alerts in real time when your bikers exceed speed limits, or drive outside the safe zone.


Asset Tracking

Know where your vehicles are, at all times with a tracking system that combines GPS with wireless technology to provide updates in near real-time. 

t bike

Alert Notification

Get an inside look at a driver's behavior and a vehicle's condition. Receive notifications of problems in near real-time.

t bike

Business Integration

Integrates seamlessly with adjacent services and tons of other business applications for optimizing business.

t bike

Reporting & Management

Monitor a specific vehicle, groups, or the entire fleet. Assess operating costs, effectiveness of routes and vehicle usage. Check for any fraudulent activity using easy-to-read reports.

t bike

T-Bike is built for


Bikers can include employees, students, communities and more. With T-Bike, they can experience

  • Security
  • Family safety
  • Better customer experience
Dealers & Financiers

T-Bike helps motorcycle dealers, manufacturers and financial credit providers in

  • Offering a value-added service
  • Improving customer relations
  • Capturing future opportunities

For owners of businesses, or fleets of delivery, transport and logistics, T-Bike ensures

  • Asset security
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Fleet productivity