Emergency Mass Notification Services

Manage and protect your business continuity and operations during critical situations with BlackBerry AtHoc.


AtHoc Alert

Notify anyone, anywhere, on any device.

AtHoc Account

“Leave No One Behind”. Gain real-time visibility into personnel safety and location.

AtHoc Collect

Give field personnel the ability to report events with geo-tagged media reports, plus a panic button to report crisis situations for rapid response. Employees become the eyes and ears of your organization.

Get the Benefits

Assured Two-way Communication to Share Information

  • Unify notification to all devices and quickly communicate a consistent message across multiple channels and delivery devices.
  • Track and report responses for personal accountability.
  • Automate operating procedures for emergency situations by providing a library of more than 100 out-of-the-box scenarios.
  • Quickly target personnel by organizational hierarchy, geographical maps, named individuals, distribution lists or dynamic queries.

Automated Personnel Accountability Provides Real-Time Safety Status

  • Eliminate manual processing of data from across various spreadsheets, call trees, and people.
  • Real-time safety status enables leaders to respond more effectively.
  • Reduce downtime and response costs by allocating recovery resources efficiently.
  • At a glance, the dashboard provides operators situational awareness and one-click reporting.


It’s Easier to Capture Real-Time Information

  • Report events using rich media such as video, photo, and text for informed field assessment.
  • Create efficient workflows.
  • View and manage field reports.
  • Help every staff to be more perceptive in catching real-time information and understanding the situation.

System Integration

Sistem Integrasi
Sistem Integrasi
  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is Telkomsel Emergency Mass Notification Services?

Telkomsel Emergency Mass Notification Services is a solution product from Telkomsel myBusiness in collaboration with BlackBerry; combining BlackBerry AtHoc and Telkomsel’s data connectivity. It is a software as a service that includes AtHoc Alert, AtHoc Account, and AtHoc Collect.

What kind of critical condition in a company that can be solved with the help of BlackBerry AtHoc?

BlackBerry AtHoc can help to solve these problems:

  1. The emergency condition where you need to share information securely during the crisis.
  2. Business to business communication, by facilitating a two-way communication securely.
  3. IT outage, where you need to integrate with many communication channels.
  4. Staffing coordination, where you need to manage the staff and escalation tracks.

What kind of industry is relevant with BlackBerry AtHoc solution, and what kind of specific requirement in that industry that can be fulfilled using BlackBerry AtHoc?

  • Government – Emergency Mass Notification
  • Healthcare – IT Outage and Cyber Threat Communication
  • Transportation – Location Tracking of Personnel
  • Public Safety – Accounting for Personnel in Crisis
  • Oils and Gas – Emergency Mass Notification, Accounting for Personnel in Crisis, etc

How is the implementation of BlackBerry AtHoc?

AtHoc offers the most flexible development option in the market including private and on-premises RedRAMP Cloud and Enterprise Cloud options.

Can I apply for BlackBerry At Hoc solution trial?

Yes, your company can send a proof of concepts to request through service trial for a maximum of 14 days.

What Emergency Mass Notification Services package can be used by a corporate?

You can use custom BlackBerry AtHoc solution according to what your company needs. Here are the packages that can be chosen together or separately:

  1. AtHoc Alert Module
  2. AtHoc Collect Module
  3. AtHoc Account Module
  4. AtHoc Quick Set-up and Configuration

You can subscribe to the bundling package(s) most suitable for your need.

Who can subscribe to Telkomsel Emergency Mass Notification Services?

Corporates in all kinds of industry (government, healthcare, transportation, oils & gas, public safety, financial services, etc) that need a secure communication and collaboration during the crisis or critical time.

How do I subscribe to Emergency Mass Notification Services?

Please contact the Account Manager of the company or Call Center 188.

  1. The price does not include 10% tax.
  2. The minimum period of subscription contract is 1 year.
  3. If your company stops the subscription in the middle of an active contract period, there will be a penalty.


You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.