BlackBerry Decommission

BlackBerry service decommission in Indonesia

BlackBerry has officially announced the global decommission of BlackBerry services with operating system version 7.1 and below and Blackberry 10 which will be effective as of January 4, 2022. All BlackBerry users affected by this decommission will not be able to access the data service (including through wireless networks), calls, SMS and all device functions.

Devices affected by BlackBerry decommission

Below is the list of BlackBerry devices that can no longer be used.


Sistem Operasi Tipe Perangkat Blackberry
BlackBerry 10

• BlackBerry Classic

• BlackBerry Passport

• BlackBerry Leap

• BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Z3

• BlackBerry Q10, Q5

• Porsche Design P’9982 from BlackBerry

• Porsche Design P’9983 from BlackBerry

BlackBerry 7.1 dan versi di bawahnya

BlackBerry Bold: 9900/9930, 9790, 9650, 9788, 9700, 9000

BlackBerry Curve:  9380, 9370/9360/9350, 9330/9300, 9320/9315/9310/9220, 8530/8520, 9380, 8900/8980, 8300/8310/8320/8330/8350i

BlackBerry Torch:  9860/9850, 9810, 9800

BlackBerry Storm: 9500/9530, 9520/9550

BlackBerry Pearl:  9100, 8100/8110/8120/8130, 8220/8230

Tipe lainnya : 9720, 9620,  P’9981, 9630, 9670, 8800/8820/8830, 7130, 8700/8707, 7100, 7290, 7730, 7230, 6720, 6230, 850, 857, 900, 950, 957

Perangkat BlackBerry non Android lainnya

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Package Details
BundlingMAX 4G Details
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Package Activation
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How to activate

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For Telkomsel Halo customers

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Additional Information