Ramadan Bundling Promo

Special Ramadan cashback for smartphone purchase

Get Rp50,000 LinkAja cashback for 4G smartphone purchase or trade-in with Telkomsel prepaid or postpaid bundling package. Find this offer at selected stores and enjoy the cashback!

Prepaid bundling packages

BundlingMAX Packages
BundlingMAX Packages
BundlingMAX 200K
  • Package price: Rp200,000
  • Total quota/month: up to 75GB
    • Main Quota: 27GB
    • OMG! Quota: 2GB
    • Local Quota: up to 46GB
  • Package price will be paid by customers
  • Package can be activated 5 times/month for 12 months
  • Activate via UMB *363*23#
BundlingMAX Long Validity 250K
  • Package price: Rp250,000
  • Total quota/month: 5.5GB (66GB/12 months)
    • Main Quota: 3GB
    • OMG! Quota: 2.5GB
  • Package price will be paid by customers
  • Package can be activated for 12 months
  • Automatic activation from the store
BundlingMAX iPhone 450K
  • Package price: Rp150,000/month (Rp450,000/3 months)
  • Total quota/month: up to 34GB
    • All-Network Quota: 28GB (17.5GB National + 10.5GB Local)
    • OMG! Quota: 2GB
    • Entertainment Quota: 4GB
  • Package price will be paid by customers
  • Free Disney+ Hotstar subscription for 3 months
  • Activation via MyTelkomsel App
Package Activation

How to activate BundlingMAX 200K

  1. Register for the new Telkomsel PraBayar starter pack in the box of your new smartphone.
  2. Top up the credit according to the BundlingMAX package price.
  3. Dial *363*23# via the new number and smartphone.
  4. The BundlingMAX package Rp200,000 with up to 75GB/30 days will appear. If you want to buy the other bundling package, choose “Paket Bundling Lainnya”.
  5. Select “1. Ya".
  6. Select “1. Beli” (Buy).
  7. You will receive an SMS notification of successful BundlingMAX package activation.
  8. After receiving the SMS, you will automatically get the BundlingMAX package.

Postpaid bundling package

Halo Unlimited Device Plan

Choose the postpaid package you prefer.

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Package Halo Ulimited Device Plan 80 Halo Ulimited Device Plan 100 Halo Ulimited Device Plan 150 Halo Ulimited Device Plan 225 Halo Ulimited Device Plan 300 Halo Ulimited Device Plan 550
All-Network Quota 10GB 15GB 30GB 50GB 70GB 150GB
Additional All-Network Quota 10GB 10GB 10GB 10GB 10GB 10GB
Voice to All operators 60 min 120 min 240 min 400 min 500 min 1.000 min
SMS to all operators 100 SMS 200 SMS 400 SMS 700 SMS 1,000 SMS 2,000 SMS
Subscription - - - - VIU, MAXstream, Vidio Premier Gold, Sushiroll VIU, MAXstream, Vidio Premier Platinum, Sushiroll, HBO GO
Data Roaming 100MB 150MB 200MB 300MB 400MB 500MB

Get it at these stores

Get it at these stores

You can get Ramadan Bundling Promo at all Erafone, iBOX, Nasa, MII stores in Indonesia and selected 26 GraPARI stores as follows:

No. GraPARI 
1 GraPARI Graha Merah Putih
2 GraPARI Batam Penuin
3 GraPARI Batam Center
4 GraPARI Jambi
5 GraPARI Kudus
6 GraPARI Tegal
7 GraPARI Pahlawan Semarang
8 GraPARI Hartono Mall Solo
9 GraPARI Slamet Riyadi
10 GraPARI Diponegoro
11 GraPARI 2 Pontianak
12 GraPARI 2 Samarinda
13 GraPARI Kediri
14 GraPARI Lombok Epicentrum Mall
15 GraPARI Renon
16 GraPARI Wisma Alia
17 GraPARI Pondok Indah Mall
18 GraPARI Bekasi Cyber Park
19 GraPARI Mall Kelapa Gading
20 GraPARI Central Park
21 GraPARI Kota Kasablanka 
22 GraPARI Centre Poin Medan
23 GraPARI Ringroad Medan
24 GraPARI Karawang
25 GraPARI BEC Bandung
26 GraPARI Manado

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