Telkomsel Code of Ethics

Telkomsel has a code of conduct that is derived from our corporate culture ("THE TELKOMSEL WAY").

Each Telkomsel employee is obliged to accept and apply the corporate culture and code of ethics to guide them while determining work relationships, mindset, attitudes and daily behavior with fellow employees and/or other parties including but not limited to companies, governments, communities, and the media.

As set forth in the code of conduct, employees are required to behave in accordance with the values of THE TELKOMSEL WAY namely integrity, respect, enthusiasm, loyalty, and totality.

All employees are expected to be honest and ethical while handling conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships, in complying with internal company requirements, applicable laws and regulations, in carrying out internal controls, and in procedures related to the company's financial reporting processes and legal compliance.

The company maintains its openness and ethical approach in conducting its business with customers, suppliers, communities, and other members of the community. Therefore, employees are required to provide complete and correct information about the products and services provided by the company to prevent misinterpretation.

Employees shall demonstrate responsibility to the community and respect their obligations to the community, by becoming economic, intellectual, and social assets to the communities in which the company operates. The public will benefit from the company's presence through the contribution of time, expertise, technology, and resources owned by the company.

Noncompliance with the code of ethics will result in employees being disciplined, including termination of employment or business relationships with suppliers or customers. Where appropriate, sanctions for violations may be followed up with civil and/or criminal charges.