Order Your New Vivo V20 with Telkomsel Bundling!

Get the latest smartphone from Vivo with a special bundling package from Telkomsel. Enjoy up to 23GB internet, 170 minutes voice call, and 100 SMS per month starting from Rp0.

Bundling Period

  • Vivo V20 Series bundling program is valid from December 1st, 2020 to January 31st, 2021.

Vivo V20 SE

Rear Camera
Front Camera

Vivo V20 SE Specification

  • Screen: 6.44” FHD SA Ultra All Screen.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 665.
  • RAM/ROM: 8GB/128GB.
  • Camera: rear (48MP + 8MP (wide angle) + 2MP (depth camera), front (32MP AutoFocus).
  • Battery: 4,100mAh + Fast Charging (32W Vivo FlashCharge 2.0).
  • Fingerprint: Screen Touch ID
  • Color: Gravity Black, Oxygen Blue.

Vivo V20

Rear Camera
Front Camera

Vivo V20 Specification

  • Screen: 6.44” FHD SA Ultra All Screen.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 720G.
  • RAM/ROM: 8GB/128GB.
  • Camera: rear (48MP + 8MP (wide angle) + 2MP (depth camera)), front (32MP AutoFocus).
  • Battery: 4,000mAh + Fast Charging (32W Vivo FlashCharge 2.0).
  • Fingerprint: Screen Touch ID
  • Color: Black, Gradient Blue.

Get the Benefits from Vivo V20 Series Bundling!

If you buy a Vivo V20 Series with Telkomsel bundling via GraPARI or selected outlet partner during the program period, you will get the following Halo Device Plan special bundling package:
kartuHalo Package Halo Device Plan Special Vivo V20 Series
Price/month (tax included) Rp396,000
Total Quota 23GB
All-Network Quota 18GB
Entertainment Quota 5GB
Voice Quota to Telkomsel Number 150 minutes
Voice Quota to Other Operator 20 minutes
SMS to Telkomsel Number 100 SMS
Vivo V20 Special Discount Rp396,000
Customer Pays Rp0 (FREE)
Channel Offline (GraPARI & outlet partner)


  • This package only applies for bundling and cannot be sold separately.
  • The Internet, Voice, and SMS Quotas are the package quotas you will receive every month.
  • Entertainment Quota can be used to access MAXstream, GamesMAX, and MusicMAX (subscription fee excluded).
  1. Visit GraPARI or Telkomsel’s device store partner.
  2. Choose the Vivo V20 Series that you prefer.
  3. Make a full payment for your device.
  4. Fill the kartuHalo subscription form and accept the Telkomsel postpaid package terms and conditions.
  5. Get your Vivo V20 Series device and free kartuHalo package of 18GB/month for 6 months.

Order Vivo V20 Series at the Nearest Outlet

Check the list of GraPARI and Telkomsel’s outlet partner here to choose the nearest outlet before making your order.

Banten, DKI Jakarta, & West Java

No. Location
1 GraPARI Central Park
2 GraPARI BSD Serpong
3 GraPARI Bekasi Cyber Park
4 GraPARI Karawang
5 GraPARI Margo City
6 GraPARI Mall Kelapa Gading 3
7 GraPARI Bogor
8 GraPARI BEC Bandung
9 GraPARI Emporium Pluit
10 GraPARI Trans Studio Mall Bandung
11 GraPARI Kota Kasablanka
12 GraPARI Dago
13 GraPARI Cilegon
14 Megastore Taman Palem Padjajaran
15 Erafone Ekalokasari Plaza
16 Erafone 2 Botani Square
17 Megastore Sukabumi
18 Erafone 1 Plaza Jambu 2
19 Erafone Dramaga
20 Erafone Margo City
21 Erafone 2 Pesona Square Depok
22 Megastore Margo City Depok
23 Erafone ITC Cibinong
24 Erafone 2 Cibinong City Mall
25 Erafone 1 ITC Depok
26 Erafone Gandaria City
27 Erafone Pejaten Village
28 Erafone Plaza Blok M
29 Erafone ITC Fatmawati
30 Erafone One Belpark
31 Erafone Mall Cinere Depok
32 Megastore Ruko Ciputat
33 Erafone Plaza Bintaro Jaya
34 Erafone Lottemart II Bintaro
35 Megastore Bintaro X-Change
36 Erafone CBD Ciledug
37 Erafone 2 CBD Ciledug
38 Megastore Ruko Ciledug
39 Erafone Ruko Ceger Tangerang
40 Erafone Kota Kasablanka
41 Erafone Mal Cipinang Indah
42 Erafone Mall Bassura
43 Erafone City Plaza Jatinegara
44 Erafone 1 Mal Ambasador
45 Erafone Plaza Semanggi
46 Erafone Pacific Place
47 Erafone Grand Indonesia
48 Erafone Emporium Pluit Mall
49 Erafone Mal Pantai Indah Kapuk
50 Erafone Pluit Village
51 Erafone 2 Mal Of Indonesia
52 Erafone 2 Mal Artha Gading
53 Erafone Gajah Mada Plaza
54 Erafone 2 Mangga Dua Square
55 Erafone Mal Kelapa Gading 1
56 Megastore Mal Kelapa Gading 1
57 Megastore Ruko Semper
58 Erafone 1 ITC Cempaka Mas
59 Erafone Green Pramuka Square
60 Erafone Arion
61 Erafone Plaza Atrium
62 Megastore Cempaka Mas
63 Erafone 1 ITC Roxy Mas
64 Megastore ITC Roxy Mas
65 Erafone Daan Mogot Mall
66 Erafone Central Park
67 Erafone Mal Puri Indah
68 Erafone Mal Ciputra Jakarta
69 Erafone PX Pavilion St Morits
70 Megastore Summarecon Mal Serpong
71 Erafone Summarecon Digital Center Serpong
72 Erafone Aeon Mal Bsd City
73 Erafone ITC BSD
74 Erafone WTC Serpong
75 Erafone Living World Alam Sutera
76 Android Nation Mal  Alam Sutera
77 Erafone Icon Walk
78 Erafone Metropolis Town Square
79 Eraplus Tangerang City Mall
80 Erafone Tangerang City Mall
81 Erafone 1 Supermall Karawaci
82 Erafone E-Center Supermall Karawaci
83 Megastore Supermal Karawaci
84 Erafone Mall Of Serang
85 Erafone Mal Cilegon
86 Erafone Ruko Serang
87 Erafone Cilegon Center Mall
88 Erafone Mall Citragran Cibubur
89 Erafone Mall Metropolitan Cileungsi
90 Erafone Mal Cimanggis
91 Erafone Mal Cijantung
92 Erafone 2 Mal Cijantung
93 Erafone Cibubur Junction
94 Erafone Kramat Jati Indah Plaza
95 Erafone Plaza Kalibata 2
96 Erafone Plaza Pondok Gede
97 Erafone 1 Tamini Square
98 Erafone Summarecon Mall Bekasi
99 Erafone Aeon Jakarta Garden City
100 Eraplus Grand Galaxy Park
101 Erafone Bekasi Cyber Park
102 Erafone Blu Plaza
103 Megastore Mal Metropolitan
104 Erafone Mall Metropolitan 2
105 Erafone Buaran Plaza
106 Erafone 1 Mega Bekasi Hypermall
107 Erafone Lippo Mall Cikarang
108 Erafone Resinda Park Karawang
109 Erafone Sentra Grosir Cikarang
110 Erafone Karawang Central Plaza
111 Erafone 1 Bandung Electronic Center
112 Megastore Istana Bandung Electronic Center
113 Erafone Festival Citylink Bandung
114 Erafone Paris Van Java
115 Erafone Bandung Indah Plaza
116 Erafone Plaza Asia Tasikmalaya
117 Megastore Ruko Tasikmalaya
118 Erafone Plaza Asia Sumedang
119 Erafone Ruko Sumedang
120 Megastore Ruko Garut
121 Megastore Ruko Cirebon
122 Erafone Grage Cirebon
123 Erafone Cirebon Superblok
124 Megastore Ruko Purwakarta
125 Megastore Ruko Otista Subang
126 Erafone Mal Taman Anggrek
127 Erafone Mal Ciputra Semarang
128 Megastore Ruko Jatiwaringin
129 Mall Artha Gading
130 ITC Cempaka Mas
131 SentraPonsel Slipi
132 SentraPonsel Atrium
133 Sentraponsel Plaza Atrium 2
134 Permata Hijau
135 Blok M
136 Arion Mall
137 SentraPonsel PGC Cililitan
138 Sentraponsel  mall Ciputra Cibubur
139 Metropolitan Mall 2
140 Sentraponsel Mega Bekasi 2
141 Sentraponsel Tangerang City
142 SentraPonsel Tangerang City 2
143 Karawaci
145 Sentraponsel Cimanggis
146 SentraPonsel BTM
147 SentraPonsel Cileungsi
148 SentraPonsel Mega Bekasi 3
149 Sentraponsel Roxy Mas 4
150 Vivo Store Atrium Plaza
151 Vivo Store Artha Gading
152 Sentraponsel Rempoa
153 SentraPonsel Mega Bekasi 4
154 Sentrafon Beji
155 Plaza Blok M
156 IBEC Bandung
157 Point 2000 Ruko ITC Roxy Mas
158 Point 2000 Mall Pluit Village
159 Vivo Store Mall Pluit Village
160 Point 2000 ITC Cempaka Mas
161 Point 2000 Mall Pejaten Village
162 Point 2000 Mall Kota Kasablanka
163 Point 2000 / SEP Mall Ambasador
164 Point 2000 / SEP Koja Trade Mall
165 Vivo Store Koja Trade Mall
166 Point 2000 Mall Central Park
167 Point 2000 Mall Lippo Puri
168 Vivo Store Mall Lippo Puri
169 Point 2000 Mall Cibubur
170 Vivo Store Mall Cibubur
171 Point 2000 ITC Depok
172 Point 2000 Mall Mega Bekasi Hypermall
173 Point 2000 Mall Mega Bekasi Hypermall
174 Point 2000 Mall Grand Galaxy Park
175 Point 2000 Mall Lippo Karawaci
176 Point 2000 Mall Lippo Cikarang
177 Point 2000 / SEP Jambu Dua Bogor
178 Point 2000 ITC Permata Hijau
179 Point 2000 Grand Marros
180 Point 2000 Mall Karebosi Link
181 Point 2000 Bandung Electrinic Center 2
182 Point 2000 / SEP Bogor Trade Mall
183 Point2000 Karawang Central Plaza
184 Vivo Store Karawang Central Plaza
185 Point2000 / SEP Mall Tangcity
186 Point2000 Mall Basura
187 Point2000 Marvel City Surabaya
188 Point2000 PIK Avenue
189 Point2000 Cibinong City Mall
190 Point2000 Ciledug
191 Point2000 Cibitung
192 Selular Shop PIM
193 Selular Shop ITC Cempaka Mas
194 Selular Shop Mall Kelapa Gading 3
195 Selular Shop Mall Emporium VIVO
196 Selular Shop Mall Matahari Daan Mogot
197 Selular Shop Plasa Cibubur
198 Selular Shop Pondok Gede
199 Selular Shop Metland Transyogi Cileungsi
200 Selular Shop ITC Depok
201 Selular Shop Margo City
202 Selular Shop BTM
203 Selular Shop Tangerang City
204 Selular Shop ITC BSD
205 Selular Shop Bintaro
206 Selular Shop WTC Matahari
207 Selular Shop Bandung Electronic Centre
208 Global Teleshop GT CINERE MALL (GG090)
209 OkeShop Daan Mogot Lt. 1 (064)
210 OkeShop Gandaria City (244)
211 OkeShop Giant Harapan Indah (548)
212 OkeShop Mal Margo City Depok Lt.2 (384)
213 OkeShop Kota Kasablanka (414)
214 OkeShop Bandung Electronic Center Lt. Lg (B25)
215 OkeShop Bandung Electronic Center Lt. Ug (A14)
216 OkeShop BEC Extention Bandung
217 FONEL VIVO Mall Daan Mogot
218 FONEL Cibubur Junction
219 FONEL Kelapa Gading 1 Mall
220 FONEL Lippo Plaza Kramat Jati
221 FONEL Metropolitan Mall
222 FONEL Plaza Pondok Gede
223 FONEL Pondok Indah Mall
224 FONEL Summarecon Mall Bekasi
225 FONEL Cibinong City Mall
226 FONEL Citraland
227 FONEL Gandaria City
228 FONEL Lippo Mall Kemang
229 FONEL Margo City
230 FONEL Pejaten Village
231 FONEL Tangerang City Mall
232 Felixindo Bandung Electronic Center
233 Felixindo Plaza Pondok Gede
234 Felixindo Karawang Central Plaza
235 Vivo Store Ambasador


No. Location
1 GraPARI Muara Bungo
2 GraPARI Lhokseumawe
3 GraPARI Kisaran
4 GraPARI Batam Center
5 GraPARI Banda Aceh
6 GraPARI Bengkulu
7 GraPARI Kualanamu
8 GraPARI Dumai
9 GraPARI Belitung
10 GraPARI Grand Batam Mall
11 GraPARI Lubuk Linggau
12 GraPARI Tanjung Pinang
13 GraPARI Jambi
14 Erafone Suzuya Mall Banda Aceh
15 Megastore Sun Plaza Medan
16 Erafone II Center Point Medan
17 Erafone Binjai Supermall
18 Megastore Plaza Medan Fair
19 Erafone Plaza Millenium
20 Erafone Basko Grand Mall
21 Erafone Plaza Andalas Padang
22 Erafone Megamall Batam Center
23 Erafone Nagoyahill Batam
24 Erafone Ska Mall
25 Erafone Mal Pekanbaru
26 Erafone Mal Living Word
27 Megastore Palembang Square
28 Erafone 2 Palembang Indah Mall
29 Erafone Palembang Trade Center
30 Erafone Opi Mall Palembang
31 Megastore Ruko Palembang
32 Megastore Bencoolen Mall
33 Erafone Super Store Suprapto Bengkulu
34 Erafone WTC Batang Hari
35 Megastore Mal Kartini Lampung
36 Erafone Raden Intan
37 Erafone Simpur Center
38 Erafone Mall Boemi Kedaton
39 Erafone Megastore Ruko Katamso Lampung

Central Java, East Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara

No. Location
1 GraPARI Probolinggo
2 GraPARI Solo
3 GraPARI Semarang Pahlawan
4 GraPARI Bukit Darmo
5 GraPARI Madiun
6 GraPARI Banyuwangi
7 GraPARI Jember
8 GraPARI Pondok Jati
9 GraPARI Surabaya Pemuda
10 GraPARI Kudus
11 GraPARI Sudirman Yogyakarta
12 GraPARI WTC Surabaya
13 GraPARI Tegal
14 GraPARI Kediri
15 Erafone Plaza Ambarukmo
16 Erafone Mall Hartono Jogja
17 Erafone Jogjatronik Mall
18 Erafone Armada Town Square
19 Multibrand Jogja City Mall
20 Erafone Plaza Klaten
21 Erafone 3 Plaza Simpang Lima
22 Erafone Mall Ciputra Semarang
23 Erafone DP Mall Semarang
24 Erafone Paragon Mall Semarang
25 Erafone Ruko Pati
26 Megastore Gatot Subroto Solo
27 Erafone Solo Paragon
28 Erafone Hartono Mall Solo
29 Erafone Solo Square
30 Megastore Pasific Mall Tegal
31 Erafone Rita Supermall Purwokerto
32 Megastore Ruko Purwokerto
33 Erafone Plasa Marina
34 Erafone Plaza Marina-2
35 Megastore Galaxy Mall
36 Erafone Tunjungan Plaza 3
37 Android Nation Tunjungan Plaza
38 Erafone Sun City Surabaya
39 Erafone 1 Supermall Pakuwon Indah
40 Erafone Erafone Ciputra World Surabaya
41 Megastore Ruko Rungkut Surabaya
42 Erafone World Trade Center Surabaya
43 Erafone WTC E-Mall Surabaya
44 Erafone Kediri Mall
45 Erafone Kediri Town Square
46 Erafone Sunrise Mall Mojokerto
47 Megastore Ruko Tuban
48 Megastore Ruko Jember
49 Erafone Mal Olympic Garden
50 Megastore Soekarno Hatta Malang
51 Megastore Banyuwangi
52 Erafone Panca Usaha Mataram
53 Erafone Lombok Epicentrum
54 Megastore 2 Teuku Umar Bali
55 Megastore Ruko Gatot Subroto Bali
56 Erafone Multibrand Lippo Plaza Kupang
57 Erafone Mal Ciputra Semarang
58 Sentraponsel Suncity Sidoarjo
59 Sentraponsel TP Surabaya 2
60 Sentraponsel Supermall Pakuwon Indah
61 Lippo Plaza Sidoarjo
62 Unicom Gadget WTC Surabaya Tunjungan Plaza
63 OkeShop WTC Galeria Lt 2 (K04)
64 OkeShop Tunjungan Plaza 1 Plaza East (K06)
65 OkeShop Mall Galaxy Lt.2 (J25)
66 OkeShop Sun City Plaza Lt.2
67 OkeShop Mall Ciputra Lt.Dasar
68 OkeShop X-GT Citraland Semarang
69 Global Teleshop Gt X-Os Plaza Ambarukmo Lt.2
70 Apollo Royal Plaza Lt. 2 J1-22 J1-23
71 Apollo PTC Lt. LG A6-12, 41-45
72 Apollo Plasa Marina Lt. 2 R 213, 214, 215
73 Apollo Plasa Marina Lt. 2 R 285
74 Apollo Plasa Marina Lt. 3 R 519-521
75 Apollo WTC Lt. 1 R 703
76 Apollo WTC Galeria  Lt. 1 R 711, 717, 718
77 Apollo WTC Lt. 2 R 275
78 Apollo Wiyung . Jl menganti no 364
79 Hartono BG Junction
80 Hartono Bukit Darmo Boulevard
81 Hartono Kertajaya Indah
82 Hartono Maspion Square
83 Hartono Sidoarjo
84 Maju Hardware Plaza Madiun
85 Maju Hardware Megastore Dr Sutomo, Madiun
86 Maju Hardware Experience Store Jl Pahlawan, Madiun
87 Maju Hardware Jl Sultan Agung Ponorogo
88 Maju Hardware Jl Diponegoro Ponorogo
89 Maju Hardware Ngawi
90 Maju Hardware Jl Diponegoro Nganjuk
91 Maju Hardware Jl Anggrek Caruban
92 Maju Hardware Jl Gatot Subroto Pacitan

Papua, Maluku, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan

No. Location
1 GraPARI Balikpapan Sudirman
2 GraPARI Tarakan
3 GraPARI Samarinda
4 GraPARI Gorontalo
5 GraPARI Kendari
6 GraPARI Bontang
7 GraPARI Pontianank
8 Megastore Bulusaraung Makassar
9 Erafone Nipah Mall Makassar
10 Erafone Maluku City Mall
11 Erafone Ambon City Centre
12 Erafone 1 Mega Mall Manado
13 Megastore Palu Grand Mall
14 Erafone Mal Panakkukang
15 Erafone Makassar Trade Center Karebosi
16 Erafone Mal Ratu Indah
17 Erafone Mal Lembuswana
18 Megastore Duta Mal Banjarmasin
19 Megastore The Balikpapan Plaza
20 Erafone Balikpapan Superblok
21 Megastore Pontianak
22 Erafone A Yani Megamall
23 Erafone Samarinda Big Mal
24 Megastore Ruko Banjarmasin
25 Erafone 2 Mega Mall Manado
26 Megastore Ruko Mt. Haryono Balikpapan
27 Megastore 2 Ruko Pontianak
28 OkeShop Mal Panakukang Lt. Dasar (U82)
29 OkeShop Boulevard Mall Panakukang
  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is Vivo V20 Series Bundling program with Telkomsel?

It is a special program where you can buy the new Vivo V20 Series smartphone with the benefit of postpaid special bundling package.

When does Vivo V20 Series Bundling program with Telkomsel start?

The bundling program starts from December 1st, 2020 to January 31st, 2021.

Where do I buy the Vivo V20 Series with Telkomsel bundling?

You can make your pre-order via offline at some selected GraPARI and our outlet partners such as Erafone, Okeshop, Point2000, Selular Shop, Sentra Ponsel, Apollo, Felixindo, Fonel, Maju Hardware and Toko PDA.

I am currently an existing Telkomsel customer. Can I get Vivo V20 Series with Telkomsel bundling?

The Vivo V20 Series bundling program with Telkomsel only applies to the new postpaid customers with new numbers, or an existing prepaid customer who migrate to postpaid.

  1. kartuHalo bundling mechanism:
    1. You will be asked to prepare your ID card and Family Card number before going to GraPARI or selected outlet partner to order Vivo V20 Series.
    2. Your data will be used to validate your eligibility to get kartuHalo bundling or not.
    3. If you have overdue Telkomsel bills, you will be required to pay all of those bills. If you don't want to, you will be asked to get prepaid bundling package.
    4. After your data has been validated, you will be asked to fill kartuHalo subscription form.
  2. Entertainment Quota can be used to access MAXstream, MusicMAX, and GamesMAX (does not include premium service).
  3. After your subscription ended, your package will be switched to Halo●Kick! regular package. Get more information here.
  4. You are not allowed to change your package during the subscription period. You can buy Extra Quota package if you ran out of quota.
  5. If you have kartuHalo installment, you are not allowed to stop your subscription in the middle of your contract period. If you decided to unsubscribe, you have to pay all of your installment with the following calculation: the remaining months x amount of installment.
  6. If you unsubscribe or terminate your kartuHalo number, your number will be deactivated. If you want to reactivate your number, you have to pay all of your overdue bills and your remaining bundling package quota cannot be returned. Your package will be switched to Halo●Kick! regular.
  7. For kartuHalo existing customer, the CLS (Credit Limit Service) shall follow the existing CLS (without any change) and the International Roaming feature will be activated/deactivated following the existing condition.
  8. Any excess in voice and SMS quota usage will be charged with kartuHalo basic tariff. Detailed information can be accessed here.