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Order Huawei P20 Pro Bundling Package and Get the Benefits!

Get the latest Huawei P20 Pro premium smartphone with Telkomsel Bundling Package for prepaid and postpaid customers.



Front Camera
Rear Camera
Leica Triple Rear
4.000 mAH



Get the Benefits

Prepaid Bundling Package
Package Value Price
All Network 4G MDS Entertainment Total
TAU Lite 1GB 1GB 5GB 3GB 10GB Start from 45K
TAU Medium 2GB 5GB 13GB 10GB 30GB Start from 55K
TAU Heavy 4GB 10GB 16GB 15GB 45GB Start from 120K
TAU Extreme 8GB 12GB 20GB 20GB 60GB Start from 210K
Telkomsel POIN Cashback
Cashback Telkomsel POIN Redemption
Rp250,000 600 POIN
Rp500,000 1000 POIN

*Available until 31 July 2018 and subject to availability.

Postpaid Bundling Package (Pascabayar)
Package Value Price Cashback Final Price
All Network MusicMax Onnet Call Onnet SMS Period
Halo Device Plan 1 17GB 10GB 100 min 200 SMS 12 months Rp1,7M Rp500K Rp1,2M
Halo Device Plan 2 25GB 16GB 200 min 400 SMS 12 months Rp2,3M Rp500K Rp1,8M
  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

Who can enjoy Huawei P20 Pro bundling package program?

Every Telkomsel customer can enjoy this benefit if purchase new smartphone Huawei P20 Pro.

What is All Network quota?

All Network quota is quota that can be used in all cities in Indonesia in all coverage 2G/3G/4G.

What is 4G quota?

4G quota is quota type that can only be used using 4G smartphone on 4G network, in all cities in Indonesia.

What is MDS quota?

4G quota is quota type that can only be used using 4G smartphone on 4G network, in all cities in Indonesia.

What is Entertainment quota?

Entertainment quota is dedicated quota to access MAXstream (HOOQ, VIU), MusicMAX (Langitmusik, Joox, Smule, Guvera, Radio GenFM and Prambors FM) dan GamesMAX (Clash of Clan, Clash Royale, Crisis Action, LINE Rangers, Line Let’s Get Rich, Disney Catch Catch, Vainglory, Seven Knight and DotArena).

How do I activate Huawei P20 Pro prepaid bundling package?

You can activate the package via UMB *363*13#, then select the required package.

Can I purchase another package after purchasing Huawei P20 Pro prepaid bundling package?

Yes, you can purchase another package after subscribing this package.

Is the Huawei P20 Pro prepaid bundling package renewal automatically?

Yes, package renewal is proceeded automatically.

Is there any specific time to access Huawei P20 Pro prepaid bundling package?

Yes, especially for MDS quota that can only be used from 00:00 to 07:00 am.

What is the price of Huawei P20 Pro prepaid bundling package in my city?

Please check the price here:


Program Package Total Quota Zona 1 Zona 2 Zona 3 Zona 4 Zona 5 Zona 6
TAU TAU Lite 10GB 45K 55K 60K 65K 70K 80K
TAU Medium 30GB 55K 65K 70K 80K 85K 95K
TAU Heavy 45GB 120K 125K 130K 135K 145K  
TAU Extreme 60GB 200K7 210K 220K 230K 240K  

What is bundling benefit for kartuHalo customers?

The benefit is data package for All Network, Entertainment quota, voice call and SMS bonus to Telkomsel users, and Rp500,000 cashback.

How do I get Telkomsel POIN Cashback?

  1. Cashback is available for kartuHalo, simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop customers.
  2. Check your POIN via *700#.
  3. If your POIN is sufficient, POIN can be redeemed in selected Erafone Store above, and the customer can enjoy the cashback for purchasing Huawei P20 Pro.

When will Huawei P20 Pro bundling package end?

  1. Regular prepaid and postpaid bundling promo with Huawei P20 Pro is subject to available.
  2. Telkomsel POIN Cashback Promo is only available until July 31st, 2018 and subject to available.

Terms & Conditions of Prepaid Bundling Package:

  1. Activate via UMB *363*13#.
  2. Every package usage is whitelisted by IMEI.
  3. Every IMEI can activate this package 12 times and cannot activate for more than once within a month (only one activation in one month).
  4. Package renewal is automatic, if renewal is not successful then the customer can activate the package manually via UMB and choose the required package (the counter will continue the previous activation).
  5. This package is volume-based, if package quota runs out before renewal period, then the regular price for data is Rp5/kb.
  6. All Network quota can be used in every city in Indonesia on 2G/3G/4G network
  7. 4G quota can only be used using 4G smartphone using 4G network.
  8. MDS quota can be used at 00:00 to 07:00 am.
  9. Entertainment quota can be used to access MAXstream (HOOQ and VIU), MusicMAX (Langitmusik, Joox, Smule, Guvera, Radio GenFM and Prambors FM) and GamesMAX (Clash of Clan, Clash Royale, Crisis Action, Line Rangers, Line Let’s Get Rich, Disney Catch Catch, Vainglory, Seven Knight and DotArena).
  10. How to activate prepaid Bundling Package:
    1. Insert Telkomsel starter pack to Huawei P20 Pro.
    2. For Telkomsel new user, register new Telkomsel starter pack to 4444, by:

      Send SMS to 4444 with this template: REG<space>NIK#Nomor KK#

      Example: REG 1234567890123456#6543210987654321#

      If succeeded, you will get an SMS from 4444: “Thank you, your number has been successfully registered.

    3. After prepaid registration is successful, activate the package via UMB *363*13#.
    4. Choose the required package, then click “1. Yes”.
    5. Customer will get a congratulatory message, saying the package activation is successful.

Terms & Conditions of Postpaid Bundling Package:

  1. Every Huawei P20 Pro purchase is bundled with kartuHalo.
  2. Voice call and SMS bonus are only available for Telkomsel users. Basic tariff applies if the bonus has run out.
  3. After postpaid bundling package contract has expired, customers will be automatically subscribed to Halo.Kick! package.
  4. Halo Device Plan is only available for Huawei P20 Pro bundle program and must not be purchased separately.
  5. The billing payment for exceeded postpaid package bonus usage can be proceed via MyTelkomsel App, ATM, GraPARI, Alfamart, and Indomaret.
  6. Monthly billing for postpaid bundling package is Rp0.
  7. Postpaid device package usage can be checked and monitored via MyTelkomsel App or *888#.
  8. If customer requests to terminate the contract, the customer can be switched to Halo.Kick!
  9. Postpaid bundling package with Huawei P20 Pro is only available in the following selected stores:


    No City Store
    1 Medan Megastore Sun Plaza Medan
    2 Medan Megastore Plaza Medan Fair
    3 Palembang Megastore Palembang Square
    4 Central Jakarta Megastore ITC Roxy Mas
    5 Central Jakarta Erafone Grand Indonesia
    6 Central Jakarta Erafone Gajah Mada Plaza
    7 North Jakarta Erafone 2 Mall Of Indonesia
    8 North Jakarta Megastore Mal Kelapa Gading 1
    9 North Jakarta Erafone Mal Kelapa Gading 1
    10 West Jakarta Erafone Mal Puri Indah
    11 West Jakarta Erafone Central Park
    12 West Jakarta Erafone Daan Mogot Mall
    13 West Jakarta Erafone PX Pavilion ST Morits
    14 East Jakarta Erafone Mal Cijantung
    15 South Jakarta Erafone 1 Mal Ambassador
    16 South Jakarta Erafone Pacific Place
    17 South Jakarta Erafone Gandaria City
    18 South Jakarta Erafone Lottemart II Bintaro
    19 South Jakarta Erafone Kota Kasablanka
    20 Bogor Megastore Taman Palem Padjajaran
    21 Depok Megastore Margo City
    22 Depok Erafone Margo City
    23 Tangerang Megastore Supermall Karawaci
    24 Tangerang Megastore Ruko Ciledug
    25 Tangerang Megastore Bintaro X-Change
    26 Tangerang Erafone Plaza Bintaro Jaya
    27 Tangerang Megastore Summarecon Mall Serpong
    28 Tangerang Erafone AEON Mal BSD City
    29 Tangerang Erafone 1 Supermal Karawaci
    30 Bekasi Erafone Mall Citragan Cibubur
    31 Bekasi Erafone 3 Mega Bekasi Hypermall
    32 Bekasi Megastore Mal Metropolitan
    33 Bekasi Erafone Summarecon Mall Bekasi
    34 Bandung Megastore Istana Bandung Electronic Center
    35 Bandung Erafone 1 Bandung Electronic Center
    36 Bandung Erafone Bandung Indah Plaza
    37 Makassar Megastore Ruko Bulusaurung
    38 Makassar Erafone Mal Ratu Indah
    39 Makassar Erafone Mal Panakkukang
    40 Makassar Erafone Makassar Trade Center Karebosi

Terms & Conditions of Telkomsel POIN:

  • Cashback is valid for kartuHalo, simPATI, KARTU As & Loop user.
  • Check Telkomsel POIN at *700#.
  • Each number only can do 1 transaction of using Telkomsel POIN.
  • Cashback POIN is available during determined period (31st of July 2018).
  • Cashback POIN is subject to availability.
  • Used POIN cannot be returned.
  • Cashback POIN is only available in selected Erafone Store above.
  • More information for POIN, can be checked www.telkomsel.com/POIN .