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How to join
How to join
  1. Buy Telkomsel products by scanning the QR code, UMB *363*369#, or through selected merchants listed on this page.
  2. Choose the product/package you want, choose the payment method, and then you’ll get the barcode and product code.
  3. Show the barcode/product code to the nearest merchant (DigiPOS Aja!, Indomaret, Alfamart, Alfamidi, Circle K, Lotte Mart, Selular Shop, Shopee, etc—we will add more merchants).
  4. Complete your payment.
  5. After a successful purchase, you will get a lucky draw coupon via SMS 777 in 3x24 hours.
  6. You can check your lucky draw coupons by sending these keywords via SMS to 777:
    • To check coupons: UNDIANCAR
    • To check the winners: MENANGCAR
Lucky draw coupons
Lucky draw coupons

For every purchase in #PastiMurah #CepetAntiRibet Prize promo, you will get lucky draw coupon(s) with the following details:

  • For purchase worth under Rp59,000 you will get 1 coupon.
  • For purchase worth Rp59,000-Rp100,000 you will get 2 coupons.
  • For purchase worth more than Rp100,000 you will get 3 coupons.
Prize List
Prize List
  1. Grand Prizes
    • Toyota Raize for 1 winner.
    • Antam Gold (27 gram) for 3 winners.
    • iPhone 13 for 5 winners.
    • LinkAja balance worth Rp270,000 for 27 winners (each).
  2. Monthly Prizes (February, March, April)
    • Antam Gold (20 gram) for 1 winner.
    • Samsung A52s 5G for 8 winners.
    • Orbit Pro for 8 winners.
    • LinkAja balance worth Rp200,000 for 100 winners (each).

#ScanBerhadiah Winner List

Congratulations to all of the winners on the #ScanBerhadiah program! Please check down below to find the full details of the winner list.

Grand Prize

Prize Number City
Toyota Raize 82358222XXX Mamuju
Antam Gold 27 gr 82331411XXX Bangka Tengah
Antam Gold 27 gr 85223122XXX Ciamis
Antam Gold 27 gr 82214221XXX Rokan Hilir
Iphone 13 81313750XXX Kuningan
Iphone 13 82387631XXX Pesisir Selatan
Iphone 13 82124867XXX Bandung Barat
Iphone 13 85333080XXX Kota Mataram
Iphone 13 82260626XXX Hulu Sungai Tengah
LinkAja Balance @270K 81324432XXX Cianjur
LinkAja Balance @270K 81342241XXX Makassar
LinkAja Balance @270K 81267886XXX Kota Pekanbaru
LinkAja Balance @270K 82211880XXX Pesisir Selatan
LinkAja Balance @270K 81278311XXX Lahat
LinkAja Balance @270K 85216126XXX Kolaka
LinkAja Balance @270K 82276261XXX Asahan
LinkAja Balance @270K 82175999XXX Kota Tangerang
LinkAja Balance @270K 81296623XXX Jakarta Selatan
LinkAja Balance @270K 85254673XXX Luwu Utara
LinkAja Balance @270K 81298755XXX Purwakarta
LinkAja Balance @270K 85263802XXX Bengkalis
LinkAja Balance @270K 82116968XXX Karawang
LinkAja Balance @270K 81285795XXX Bogor
LinkAja Balance @270K 81235669XXX Gresik
LinkAja Balance @270K 82179327XXX Tebo
LinkAja Balance @270K 85283435XXX Minahasa Selatan
LinkAja Balance @270K 85249337XXX Barru
LinkAja Balance @270K 81249280XXX Bangkalan
LinkAja Balance @270K 81224202XXX Cirebon
LinkAja Balance @270K 82119737XXX Tasikmalaya
LinkAja Balance @270K 82116732XXX Sumedang
LinkAja Balance @270K 81273097XXX Kota Palembang
LinkAja Balance @270K 81289301XXX Karawang
LinkAja Balance @270K 82269267XXX Lampung Utara
LinkAja Balance @270K 82137141XXX Temanggung
LinkAja Balance @270K 81277642XXX Lampung Utara

ANTAM Gold 20gr

Number City Period
85213455XXX Jakarta 1st Period
85263115XXX Solok 2nd Period
81394739XXX Indramayu 3rd Period

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

Number City Period
82338280XXX Malang 1st Period
82373587XXX Palembang
82117663XXX Bandung
81344431XXX Jayapura
82246434XXX Kupang
82288445XXX Pekanbaru
81244761XXX Menado
81222442XXX Bandung
81212228XXX Bukit Tinggi 2nd Period
82172227XXX Aceh Besar
81324119XXX Cianjur
81298442XXX Jakarta Utara
85244399XXX Sorong
82221200XXX Tegal
81347466XXX Banjar
81239630XXX Sikka
85299611XXX Kepulauan Selayar 3rd Period
82272699XXX Dairi
82347421XXX Kota Makassar
81336093XXX Jember
85271218XXX Kuantan Singingi
82117818XXX Bandung Barat
81385426XXX Kota Tangerang
85231218XXX Probolinggo

Telkomsel Orbit Pro 2

Number City Period
81249526XXX Jember 1st Period
82269973XXX Palembang
82255411XXX Palangkaraya
85272901XXX Batam
85222209XXX Bandung
82262082XXX Bandung
85230574XXX Surabaya
82255631XXX Palangkaraya
81235237XXX Madiun 2nd Period
85263390XXX Kepulauan Meranti
82142651XXX Surabaya
85279601XXX Kampar
81290663XXX Jakarta
81384726XXX Bogor
82319769XXX Buru
81340082XXX Menado
82199854XXX Biak Numfor 3rd Period
82262346XXX Pangandaran
82141906XXX Madiun
82135896XXX Kebumen
82190563XXX Kota Medan
81276950XXX Pekanbaru
81261529XXX Purwakarta
81346554XXX Kota Samarinda

LinkAja Balance Rp200,000

Number City Period
85256213XXX Menado 1st Period
81383876XXX Jakarta
85364086XXX Batam
85221267XXX Bandung
82311775XXX Jakarta
82177076XXX Palembang
81281936XXX Jakarta
82316751XXX Bandung
85331087XXX Surabaya
82132058XXX Surabaya
82366943XXX Medan
85230893XXX Surabaya
81322066XXX Bandung
82353331XXX Banjarmasin
81236689XXX Denpasar
81247261XXX Ambon
81343355XXX Ambon
81261390XXX Batam
85329249XXX Solo
85298402XXX Menado
82256073XXX Pontianak
85270306XXX Medan
81343974XXX Makassar
81286911XXX Jakarta
81281947XXX Jakarta
81268329XXX Pekanbaru
82217104XXX Tasikmalaya
82197624XXX Ambon
82347065XXX Makassar
81258455XXX Balikpapan
85213953XXX Jakarta
82331666XXX Surabaya
81281948XXX Jakarta
82210951XXX Jakarta
82249599XXX Timika
82217348XXX Tasikmalaya
85231846XXX Surabaya
82215697XXX Bandung
82386384XXX Padang
81236142XXX Denpasar
81272163XXX Lampung
85292680XXX Yogyakarta
82398576XXX Timika
81241227XXX Makassar
82337768XXX Malang
8128745XXX Jakarta
85241174XXX Palu
82199838XXX Timika
85264377XXX Batam
82128865XXX Cirebon
81276226XXX Pekanbaru
81281957XXX Jakarta
82364882XXX Medan
81327278XXX Purwokerto
85331097XXX Surabaya
82166029XXX Medan
82399402XXX Jayapura
82392708XXX Pekanbaru
81244777XXX Menado
85240693XXX Menado
85218539XXX Jakarta
81253190XXX Balikpapan
81263598XXX Medan
81244791XXX Menado
81358587XXX Jember
82280625XXX Jambi
85363326XXX Padang
82259054XXX Menado
85274478XXX Padang
82244821XXX Jember
85331115XXX Surabaya
85280174XXX Jakarta
81244806XXX Menado
82217603XXX Tasikmalaya
85343557XXX Menado
81253716XXX Balikpapan
82376321XXX Jambi
85268632XXX Palembang
81316486XXX Jakarta
82333663XXX Jember
81263054XXX Medan
81280467XXX Jakarta
85235696XXX Madiun
81234643XXX Jember
82273293XXX Banda Aceh
81264978XXX Medan
85331129XXX Surabaya
82137400XXX Purwokerto
85266371XXX Jambi
82211462XXX Jakarta
82340637XXX Denpasar
82239478XXX Timika
85331131XXX Surabaya
82118969XXX Tasikmalaya
81353597XXX Mataram
81397303XXX Medan
82299505XXX Jakarta
85326471XXX Semarang
85267766XXX Palembang
82243850XXX Purwokerto
81313483xxx Cirebon 2nd Period
81366935xxx Prabumulih
82267253xxx Mandailing Natal
81344982xxx Jayapura
82274553xxx Padangsidimpuan
81290724xxx Jakarta Pusat
82135732xxx Kebumen
82113877xxx Sukabumi
81211975xxx Wonosobo
81293564xxx Jakarta Selatan
81364968xxx Pekanbaru
81359005xxx Madiun
82311979xxx Aceh Singkil
82142996xxx Bojonegoro
82112120xxx Jakarta Timur
85318739xxx Tasikmalaya
81210578xxx Kampar
81361772xxx Medan
81340116xxx Menado
81234011xxx Lumajang
82214156xxx Konawe Selatan
82289890xxx Dharmasraya
82348482xxx Sidenreng Rappang
81295345xxx Jakarta Utara
82336996xxx Lampung Tengah
85335403xxx Sampang
82285736xxx Tanjung Pinang
81340126xxx Menado
85265533xxx Pekanbaru
82399000xxx Biak Numfor
85270398xxx Pematang Siantar
81355613xxx Buton Selatan
81329609xxx Brebes
82214945xxx Kuantan Singingi
82290222xxx Toli-Toli
81321280xxx Bandung
81283940xxx Bekasi
85363823xxx Kampar
81236793xxx Kupang
82260279xxx Tanjung Jabung Timur
85271813xxx Padang Pariaman
82211138xxx Serang
81393816xxx Bekasi
81316963xxx Bekasi
81220113xxx Bandung
85336371xxx Bangkalan
85395678xxx Soppeng
81216530xxx Sidoarjo
82292599xxx Toli-Toli
85319149xxx Serang
85100332xxx Surabaya
81395302xxx Sumedang
82258219xxx Bogor
81348081xxx Banjarmasin
82351952xxx Hulu Sungai Selatan
81247196xxx Tanah Laut
81323927xxx Bogor
82334270xxx Minahasa
85210131xxx Bekasi
81383838xxx Banda Aceh
81337849xxx Sumba Barat
81240839xxx Surabaya
81268544xxx Pelalawan
81262947xxx Mandailing Natal
81263280xxx Tebing Tinggi
82218086xxx Serang
81240459xxx Maluku Tenggara Barat
81229562xxx Pekalongan
81324227xxx Cirebon
81213581xxx Brebes
82214945xxx Buru
81324212xxx Sumedang
81312699xxx Cirebon
82286411xxx Ponorogo
82221966xxx Cilacap
85211162xxx Padang
82230943xxx Surabaya
82192682xxx Makassar
82284667xxx B A T A M
82252338xxx Samarinda
85243540xxx Ambon
82251432xxx Murung Raya
82142780xxx Blitar
82283931xxx Indragiri Hilir
82143334xxx Jember
81230321xxx Badung
81357775xxx Surabaya
82317001xxx Dharmasraya
81323702xxx Cirebon
82349713xxx Poso
82344352xxx Makassar
85386520xxx Samarinda
81298705xxx Cianjur
81374857xxx Lima Puluh Kota
85298554xxx Merauke
82299697xxx Manggarai Barat
85255868xxx Sampang
82238607xxx Toli-Toli
81230981xxx Madiun
82268185xxx Cilegon
81323301XXX Bandung 3rd Period
82139463XXX Jember
81340682XXX Menado
82161317XXX Banda Aceh
82111155XXX Jakarta Timur
81268474XXX Kota Padang
82142484XXX Banyuwangi
81221318XXX Bogor
85237113XXX Sikka
81286882XXX Jakarta
82395302XXX Kota Makassar
82135235XXX Kupang
82253146XXX Kota Malang
85382508XXX Bangka Barat
81348385XXX Banjarmasin
82287646XXX Dharmasraya
81326000XXX Semarang
81316898XXX Gresik
85211395XXX Ciamis
85248777XXX Majene
81268910XXX Bantul
82149915XXX Bengkayang
85352662XXX Kota Tasikmalaya
81369346XXX Lampung Selatan
82161328XXX Banda Aceh
82112682XXX Jakarta
85298958XXX Buton
82119903XXX Ciamis
82284072XXX Siak
82142141XXX Jember
82271582XXX Kota Manado
82397199XXX Kepulauan Aru
81398900XXX Jakarta Timur
82348979XXX Bone
81368343XXX Palembang
81311871XXX Kota Cimahi
81385174XXX Kota Bekasi
81326963XXX Pekalongan
81312083XXX Cirebon
81394262XXX Kota Tasikmalaya
82158446XXX Kutai Timur
81391281XXX Pemalang
82133871XXX Subang
81363909XXX Padang
81257073XXX Kota Waringin Barat
81332999XXX Sidoarjo
81381804XXX Jakarta
81349447XXX Kutai Kartanegara
82218124XXX Kota Bandung
81381907XXX Jakarta
82161096XXX Banda Aceh
82178441XXX Tulangbawang
85361845XXX Simalungun
82363535XXX Labuhan Batu Utara
82367021XXX Batu Bara
82316576XXX Kerinci
85220616XXX Situbondo
85386495XXX Hulu Sungai Selatan
81332023XXX Kota Surabaya
81320328XXX Kota Tasikmalaya
82385520XXX Bengkalis
81340874XXX Menado
85351230XXX Cirebon
81322695XXX Bandung
82313975XXX Pekalongan
81233104XXX Jember
82185237XXX Aceh Timur
81222066XXX Bandung
82262471XXX Merangin
82238249XXX Padang Lawas Utara
82152215XXX Bogor
81295245XXX Jakarta Timur
85242760XXX Pohuwato
85314835XXX Kota Ambon
85241997XXX Muna
81328596XXX Cilacap
82123961XXX Bandung
81242518XXX Jeneponto
81334884XXX Kota Bekasi
81233100XXX Pamekasan
81356197XXX Kota Makassar
81340791XXX Wajo
85266636XXX Pasaman
82161406XXX Banda Aceh
82149429XXX Kota Surabaya
82233675XXX Lumajang
82372206XXX Kota Jambi
82272233XXX Aceh Jaya
81217668XXX Pasuruan
82337207XXX Pamekasan
81374581XXX Kampar
85298213XXX Gorontalo
82176158XXX Bone
81346436XXX Banjar
81240377XXX Fakfak
81222666XXX Malang
82199260XXX Kota Ambon
81388618XXX Kebumen
82266391XXX Belu
85272699XXX Agam

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