Telkomsel launches M-KIOS

Latest innovation in Prepaid Electronic Recharge

Jakarta, 18 June 2004

True to its image as Indonesia’s most innovative cellular operator, Telkomsel today launched its latest service branded as M-KIOS ­ allowing electronic instant prepaid card top-up with a mobile phone as the transaction terminal through secure USSD commands. With this service Telkomsel provides its prepaid customers with an alternative and more convenient way to recharge their prepaid cards, increases the penetration of its recharge credit distribution channels, and increases the options for recharge denominations offered to its consumers to also include lower denomination recharges as per market demands.

New form or electronic recharge

The M-KIOS service is a new form of instant electronic recharge, eliminating the need for customers to buy physical scratch vouchers, scratch them, dial the interactive voice response (IVR) system to enter their recharge code and wait for the credit to be added. With M-KIOS dealers can recharge their customers’ cards automatically from their own mobile phone equipped with a special M-KIOS SIM card. All the dealer needs to do is enter the customer’s mobile phone number and the amount of recharged credit and the charging process is carried out automatically.

Because of this simple process, thousands of dealers are lining up to provide this service, increasing Telkomsel’s distribution power both inside cities as well as in rural areas where Telkomsel also provides coverage. According to Telkomsel’s VP Sales, Yuen Kuan Moon, “during the last two months we have trialed the service extensively with 500 M-KIOS points in Jakarta. The service has proven to be very well accepted by the market with more than 150,000 recharges completed by these 500 M-KIOS outlets during that trial period. This was achieved without any publicity at all. After today’s commercial launch, we target to increase the current 500 M-KIOS points to more than 6000 throughout Indonesia. If there is further demand in this new way of recharging, we are prepared to open up even more at any time."
Moon added that with this service the business of prepaid recharge has become more mobile, in line with the service it relates to, since dealers are now no longer limited to a physical shop to be able to sell our products. “So don’t be surprised to see people selling Telkomsel recharge credit on the street or in busy places like markets etcetera”, he said. With the lower-denomination recharge credits now available to simPATI customers through M-KIOS, Telkomsel hopes to be able to further increase penetration of its prepaid services by reducing the minimum cash requirements of its customers for recharging their cards.

Key Selling Points

The Key selling points offered by Telkomsel through this M-KIOS service are:

  • Lower denomination recharge credits possible - the LOWEST ever for simPATI ­ at only Rp. 20,000 and Rp. 50,000 per recharge.
  • Easier way of recharging: no more hassle of buying scratch vouchers, scratching, calling the 888 IVR, entering the recharge code through your phone, etc. ­ This service is fully automatic, done by the dealer directly to the end-user’s number.
  • Increased availability of Telkomsel recharge credit - since a dealer only needs a mobile phone and a special Telkomsel M-KIOS SIM card, the shops selling these credits can become smaller, more mobile and more in number.
  • By the end of June the service will be available more than 6000 M-KIOS points throughout Indonesia.
    simPATI Autorefill

Telkomsel’s M-KIOS service is complimenting its simPATI Autorefill portfolio which offers prepaid recharge through electronic means ­ not through physical scratch cards. This service currently comprises of:

  • ATM recharge - directly through thousands of ATM machines of leading banks.
  • Electronic recharge through special terminals at thousands of retail outlets.
  • VISA Autorefill ­ automatic recharge through customers’ VISA credit cards.
  • kartuHALO recharge ­ a service allowing Telkomsel’s kartuHALO postpaid customers to charge prepaid credit onto their friends’ or relatives’ simPATI prepaid account, automatically added onto their kartuHALO billing statement.
  • Mobile Banking recharge ­ using Telkomsel’s mobile banking services.

The M-KIOS concept will be further enhanced in the near future to also allow pulse credit transfer between simPATI customers while also recharging of Telkomsel’s new Kartu As cards through M-KIOS is being developed.

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